18 March 2019

Soup's on

From creamy veloutés using winter vegetables to a fish soup brimming with textures and a Vietnamese grilled eggplant hot pot - not to mention my own minestrones (grazie Aunt Maria in Rome) and unstoppable soupe à l'oignon, just ask my French in-laws - there's enough chill left in the air to make soup the hottest thing since the return of bone broth.

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16 March 2019

Thigh high

Also known as the Fontaine du Gros-Caillou, the neo-classical Fontaine de Mars shows the mythical figures of Mars and the goddess Hygieia.

15 March 2019

14 March 2019

Day trip: "The mill! The mill!"

A secret artists' enclave; an extraordinary magical place where composers and screen writers come to work in a tranquil country setting surrounded by natural beauty. As romantic as it gets.

Le Moulin d'Andé 

[the table d'hôte and B&B will turn a day visit into a weekend, or more]

Above: the moulin from François Truffaut film, "Jules et Jim"

9 March 2019


The new bun on the block is unmistakably British:
delectable cinnamon knots at a boulangerie-pastry café on a narrow street in the Latin Quarter.

Below: a fresh batch gets a quick egg brush and ready for the oven

Circus Bakery
63 rue Galande 75005

6 March 2019

End of The Week

Paris Fashion Week started with the loss of perhaps fashion's biggest icon, Karl Lagerfeld, and ended yesterday.

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March newsletter

Photo image courtesy of Danielle
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A blossoming tree near a square signals that spring is on course.

5 March 2019

Seafood stall

Oysters, shrimps, scallops and hot wine share a stall in Montmartre.

[Update: thanks to chef Yves Camdeborde for "getting" my tongue-in-cheek take on 3/2 post "Bistronomy" a now over-used term - bistro + gastronomy - that came about thanks to him. See 10/2017 post Flying pig]

4 March 2019


Plenty of time left to catch the Calder-Picasso exhibition.

Ends August 25, 2019

Hôtel Salé
5 rue de Thorigny 75003

2 March 2019


Bistro + economy:
The rapport qualité-prix at this popular relative newcomer near the butte (see post A bouillon in Pigalle) is one of the best in the city.

Above: leeks vinaigrette with crushed hazelnuts entrée; bistro staple boeuf bourguignon on bed of coquillettes; thinly-sliced rare roast beef frites maison for lunch

Below: packed at night as well

Bouillon Pigalle
22 boulevard de Clichy 75018

- No reservations -
Service continu from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.  every day