27 April 2017

Day trip: At home with Monet #1

On the occasion of the publication of Un Jour avec Claude Monet à Giverny by Adrien Goetz (Flammarion), I was invited on a press trip to Claude Monet's home in Giverny, complete with private lunch in the Impressionist painter's former atelier.

Above: photos don't do justice to the gardens at Giverny, a pleasant hour and a half drive from Paris

26 April 2017

Fruit cake

Gérard Mulot's eye-popping pastries set the trend for cakes loaded with fruit.

76 rue de Seine 75006

25 April 2017

24 April 2017

Sunday bargains

Sidewalk flea markets bring out local chineurs.

Above: reject art, gold-lined china, crystal, antique books, bits of this, that

16 April 2017

More eggs


Above: window at Arnaud Larher, Pâtissier et Chocolatier

Below: egg-shaped "baskets" of gourmet caramels at Henri Le Roux, Chocolatier et Caramélier
- Happy Easter à tous -

- - - 


15 April 2017

L'oeuf parfait

With Easter upon us Paris pastry chefs are out in force creating original designs like these fruity (extra large and small) "fried egg" topped cakes.

 La Goutte d'Or Pâtisserie
Yann Menguy
183 rue Marcadet Paris 75018

14 April 2017

Paella Saturday

Paris / Valencia:
Order ahead and squeeze in for your share of authentic paella made fresh every Saturday.
Craft beers, embutidos....

70 Rue Duhesme 75018
Ph: 09 50 18 02 26 

13 April 2017

12 April 2017

Paris desk daydream

Who wouldn't be excited about getting down (up!) to work every day with a view like this.

Do what you love, love what you do.
(With thanks to.... well you know who you are)

Meet you at The Smiths

A great go-to place for deep dish quiches, buttery viennoiseries, coffee, and Berthillon ice cream.

The Smiths Bakery
12 rue de Buci 75006

10 April 2017

Terrace temptation

A few chairs and tables are thrown together on a cobbled terrace. In the distance a staircase plunges to a street far below.

8 April 2017

French cut


A tiny new Montmartre restaurant serves up tartares sur mesure: choose from knife (not machine) cut fresh beef, tuna, salmon, more, then have it dressed with a sauce of your choice.

Above: salmon tartare with a truffled aioli, chorizo, capres, pickles, tobasco and parsley sauce; fries cooked in duck fat; crunchy deep-fried Saint-Marcellin to start and a panna cotta lime zest dream dessert to finish. Wine: crisp Chardonnay

Alix et Mika
37 rue Lamarck 75018

6 April 2017

Short life span

These latest blossoms on Place Marcel Aymé will be gone in less than 48 hours.
In the distance, sculpture of "The Man Who Walked Through Walls."


5 April 2017

Leafy lunch

Entrance to Le Moulin de la Galette with its garden restaurant where Renoir painted his celebrated Bal du Moulin de la Galette.
83 Rue Lepic 75018

1 April 2017