30 March 2017


Cherry blossoms are putting in fleeting appearances in parks and squares across the city.

29 March 2017

American in Paris

An extraordinary evening as ten American craft beers were paired with a five-course gourmet menu created by an acclaimed chef.

- Full article: The Good Life France Magazine

27 March 2017

25 March 2017

24 March 2017

Café théâtre

The theater in the background makes it appear that these café chairs have been set out for a street performance.

23 March 2017

Spring trend

Thick-soled sports shoes, knee-length skirts and denim jackets in many variations in shop windows and on the streets.

22 March 2017

21 March 2017

A good start

Strong coffee with hot milk on the side begins the day at illustrious Les Deux Magots, great "office" and meeting place.

20 March 2017

Arc Saint-Denis

The Porte Saint-Denis was built in 1356 by Charles V as part of a wall to protect the Right Bank and served as an entryway into the city of Paris.

18 March 2017


Though not very comfortable all of the chairs at this café in hilly Montmartre will be occupied by Happy Hour.

15 March 2017

14 March 2017

13 March 2017

11 March 2017

Pre-war walkup

Façade from one of the oldest houses left in Paris, now an apartment building, dating from the 14th century.

10 March 2017

Morning chair

Bright chairs at a café on market street rue du Poteau cheer up a drizzly morning.

9 March 2017

Tender years

This sweet antiques shop is always stuffed with surprises.

Les Tendres Années
22 rue Caulaincourt 75018

8 March 2017

Rugby season

A gigantic suspended équipe de France shirt dominates a small street on the Left Bank.

7 March 2017

March beauty

A tree, still bare, rises from a freshly blooming flower bed.

Tuileries Gardens by André Le Nôtre (1613 - 1700)

4 March 2017

She's cake

A small pastry shop with a few tables specializes in individual cheesecakes in assorted flavors, both sweet and savory.

Above: banana rum vanilla bean

She's Cake by Séphora
37 rue du Roi de Sicile 75004

3 March 2017

Leg up

A sculpture of a man's legs juts from a wall overhead on a narrow Montmartre street.