16 October 2018

Montmartre en fête #2

More scenes from Montmartre's annual wine harvest parade including flash demos of Capoeira, the Brazilian martial art that combines elements of fight, dance, music, and acrobatics.

Below: behind the parade a clean sweep at the end

Tomorrow: and the party went on...

- Festival street food, Montmartre village -

15 October 2018

Montmartre en fête #1

All weekend the butte was alive with festivities celebrating the grape harvest.

Above: scenes from annual parade

13 October 2018

Vendanges 2018

Montmartre, its slopes once green with vineyards, celebrates its 85th grape harvest festival.

Above: inside Paris' last vineyard

Montmartre Grape Harvest Festival 2018
[full program w/today's parade schedule]

- This year's featured guest wines are from Portugal -

10 October 2018

9 October 2018

8 October 2018

A pancake in Paris

Sometimes the best things in life arrive totally unplanned.

I've never been a great fan of pancakes, the fat American cousin of the French crêpe. In university I’d make batches of crêpes for family and friends, eventually playing with different flours and different batters - pumpkin, herbs, chocolate, seeds - and today, years later, I think I can make them with my eyes closed. Pancakes were too thick. Too stodgy. In restaurants I'd usually go for the French toast or waffles for breakfast.

So when I came across a place in Paris called Pancake Sisters on the internet and mentioned it to a friend, out of curiosity we found ourselves headed over to give it a try.

But here's what happened: In a dismissive, "I know we're supposed to be open but tant pis, you'll have to wait” the waiter, in fact, got us to turn our attention to the place next door - where people were streaming in and it seemed to be filling up fast.

Enter Holybelly, a brunch restaurant that's been on my should-try list for awhile. It was right there. But as its sister Hardware Socièté, another Melbourne Australian wonder is already in my neighborhood, it was never a priority. It is now.

A hearty merci to that lovely waiter at Pancake Sisters. BPJ

5 rue Lucien Sampaix 75010

October newsletter

7 October 2018

Sleepless in Paris

Every autumn since 2002 Paris' Nuit Blanche - White Night - turns the city into an all-night giant art installation with outdoor performances, themed gatherings, activities and free exhibitions.

Public transportation ran all night and some cafés / restaurants stayed open for survivors.

Nuit Blanche
Saturday October 6, 2018

6 October 2018

A burger in Paris

Le Cheeseburger, all the rage when it made its Paris debut years ago, has quietly taken its place on many French menus and apparently is here to stay.

Below: it's obscene, it's expensive, it's French - but it's not in Paris

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A marvelous thing happened waiting for Pancake Sisters to open ...


5 October 2018

3 October 2018

Fashion week end

Today ends Fashion Week.

Above: private parties and showroom reception hopping; off-the-radar designers in ephemeral spaces

Below: L'Oréal's spectacular celebrity runway on the Seine; thousands of spectators on bridges and from boats