29 April 2022

Lamps on

That moment of magic at dusk when suddenly all lamps go on at the same time.

26 April 2022

Quiche crave

A spinach ricotta quiche makes a light lunch on a sunny Montmartre patio.

Above: a surprise visitor to the table

Below: fresh from the oven; bubbly prosecco to accompany

25 April 2022

17 April 2022

Easter egg

A giant chocolate Easter egg signed Arnaud Larher, Left Bank.


 Joyeuses Pâques 2022

15 April 2022

Fish Friday

 Sea bream and chorizo float atop layers of two velvety sauces, sweet potatoes, and beneath, sweet green peas.


 May newsletter:
 The French excel in sauces

14 April 2022

9 April 2022

Fashion art

YSL / Yves Saint Laurent now on exhibit at selected Paris Museums.
(click to enlarge)
Ends May 15, 2022
  Centre Georges Pompidou
Musée du Louvre
Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris 
Musée d'Orsay
 Musée Picasso
Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris 

6 April 2022

Wednesday whimsy


Love this small shop on a Montmartre side street.

Creative design, custom interior paints, papier peints, more. By Penelope.

Farrow & Ball
7 rue Francoeur 75018


4 April 2022

Farewell to an oyster


Another Covid casualty, much frequented Saint-Kerber Comptoir de l'Huître, Marché Saint-Germain.

1 April 2022

Corner view

 View of French romantic composer conductor Hector Berlioz (1803 - 1869) as he'd walk out of his building on rue Saint Vincent.


 How many of us who studied piano as children can forget the endless études and exercises for beginners we were made to practice (and practice) by Hector Berlioz - a strange name on dog-eared sheet music folders. Born in southeastern France, Berlioz is said to have drawn many of his influences from Beethoven, von Gluck, Goethe's Faust and, though he did not speak English, Shakespeare's plays. At the insistence of his father he went to Paris to study medicine, hated it, and became a composer instead. Only when he became successful did his parents forgive him. He was to stay in Paris the rest of his life. - BPJ