31 October 2016

Cemetery path

Soon this small cemetery will be filled with relatives of the deceased bearing flowers in observance of All Souls Day.

29 October 2016

Le Gabin

Multi-colored tables and chairs brighten up the sidewalk terrace of a Montmartre bistrot named for iconic French cinéma star Jean Gabin.

28 October 2016

Au bout de soufflé

Few pleasures compare to tucking into a gigantic soufflé, fresh from the oven.
Photos: (1) classic cheese (2) basil, almonds, jambon de bayonne

La Cigale Récamier
4 rue Récamier 75007


27 October 2016

Café du Temple

A corner café-restaurant touts some of its offerings on an opaque black mirror.
Chef susceptible printed on the right warns that the cook is particularly sensitive.

26 October 2016


A winding staircase dominates the resplendent bar area at the Saint James Hotel; a cocktail maison topped with shaved chocolate tasted as good as it looks; the bar viewed from above.

43 Avenue Bugeaud 75016

24 October 2016

22 October 2016

Lunch at the Ritz

Ladies' light lunch at newly re-opened luxury Hôtel Ritz, Place Vendôme. Other-worldly desserts, my foie gras de canard with figs, beautiful salads, beautiful everything. Piano lounge.

- With a very special thanks to Angie -

21 October 2016

19 October 2016

Day trip: Drinking stars

Monastery at Hautvillers where Cellar Master Dom Pérignon discovered the bubbly.
Above, church with his tomb, grounds overlooking vineyards and Épernay, a cellar, the monk himself brandishing a bottle. Be sure and factor in enough time for the best part, a tasting.

[Day trips from Paris: "Getting there" info for each destination can be easily found online.]

- With a very special thanks to Angie -


17 October 2016

La carte

Chilly mornings call for hot coffee or chocolat chaud africain to start breakfast at Angelina.

13 October 2016

11 October 2016

Yes we Can-Can

This year's Montmartre Wine Harvest Festival Parade kicked off with French Can-Can dancing on the street where Toulouse Lautrec lived and painted.

Top photo conjures Lautrec posters of Le Moulin Rouge.

8 October 2016

7 October 2016

Un ti plaisir

One of my favorite Paris morning rituals is to take a moment to enjoy un ti crème.

- Thank you The Good Life In France magazine for request for permission to publish waiter photo! BPJ - 

6 October 2016

Farewell dinner

Fashion Week ended on a high note last night with LVMH / Louis Vuitton hosting a candlelit multi-course celebrity sit-down dinner beginning with Champagne and hors d'oeuvres at Michelin-starred Hexagone. Talented chef Mathieu Pacaud was on hand to greet guests upon arrival.

- With a very special thanks to Angie - 

5 October 2016

Louvre façade

Section of a wall with arched passageway inside the Cour Napoléon at the Louvre.

4 October 2016

3 October 2016

Paris Fashion Week / with updates

Fashion Week ends October 5, 2016. Click here for remaining schedule. 

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Update 10/29/2016
"Mothers and Daughters" soars on Netflix!

After remaining #1 on iTunes and Amazon for ALL worldwide movies for weeks after its initial pre-summer release, daughter Danielle's company's debut film - modest budget indie "Mothers and Daughters" - was picked up by Netflix last month and sales have been soaring!

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- See what actress Sharon Stone at red carpet Premiere in West Hollywood said here (AP/Associated Press)

*** Félicitations / Congratulations Danielle & Team! ***

July 21, 2016
Below, Oscar-winning actress MIRA SORVINO and producer DANIELLE JAMES arrive early at MILAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL screening of James' "Mothers and Daughters" 

Paris-raised model-actress-now-producer DANIELLE JAMES w/MIRA SORVINO ***winner*** Best Supporting Actress 2016 for  
"Mothers and Daughters" - far left, British director PAUL DUDDRIDGE

*** And a very special thank you to the beautiful talented ASHANTI ***
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Ashanti who plays "Kelly" and is an executive producer on the film shares her "Mothers and Daughters" story at West Hollywood Premiere here

- Watch "Mothers and Daughters" trailer here -


Update 12/2016

Producer DANIELLE JAMES arrives in Europe to promote her film, "Mothers and Daughters" now also available as U.S. domestic and international in-flight entertainment.


Update 7/1/2017
Post Mother's Day 2017 - The figures are in:
For the 2nd Mother's Day in a row "Mothers and Daughters" sales / rentals "through the roof," exceeding expectations!
- More in upcoming July newsletter -


Update 9/30/2017
Deadline Hollywood: Director Paul Duddridge with main co-producer Danielle James
release their first trailer of "Together," a "heart-tugging story centered on the issue of elderly abuse."
Two of England's best-loved actors, Peter Bowles and Silvia Syms, star.
Filmed in London.


Update 10/8/2017
Special Awards & Thanks Celebrity Dinner (private home Beverly Hills) for "Mothers and Daughters"
- Photos in October newsletter -


Update 10/15/2017
Trending in French media and talk TV: "With Harvey Weinstein's fall from grace and more Hollywood predators being 'outed' there is no better time than now for female producers."

"Together" slated for release next month.