31 October 2016

Cemetery path

Soon this small cemetery will be filled with relatives of the deceased bearing flowers in observance of All Souls Day.

29 October 2016

Le Gabin

Multi-colored tables and chairs brighten up the sidewalk terrace of a Montmartre bistrot named for iconic French cinéma star Jean Gabin.

More "Mothers and Daughters" film news! Check for updates.

28 October 2016

Au bout de soufflé

Few pleasures compare to tucking into a soaring soufflé, fresh from the oven.

Above: savory classic cheese and basil, almonds, jambon de bayonne soufflés

Le Récamier
4 rue Récamier 75007

27 October 2016

Café du Temple

A corner café-restaurant touts some of its offerings on an opaque black mirror.
Chef susceptible printed on the right warns that the cook is particularly sensitive.

26 October 2016


A winding staircase dominates the resplendent bar area.

Above: a cocktail maison topped with shaved chocolate that tastes as good as it looks; the bar viewed from above

Hotel Saint James
 43 Avenue Bugeaud 75016

24 October 2016

22 October 2016

Lunch at the Ritz

From our ladies' lunch at newly re-opened Hôtel Ritz on Place Vendôme. Unparalled desserts, my foie gras de canard with figs, beautiful salads, beautiful everything; piano lounge.

- With a very special thanks to Angie -

21 October 2016

19 October 2016

Day trip: Drinking stars

Monastery at Hautvillers where Cellar Master Dom Pérignon discovered the bubbly.

Above: church with his tomb, grounds overlooking vineyards and Épernay, a cellar, the monk himself brandishing a bottle.

Be sure and factor in enough time for the best part, a tasting.

[Day trips from Paris: "Getting there" info for each destination can be easily found online.]

- With a very special thanks to Angie -


17 October 2016

La carte

Chilly mornings call for hot coffee or chocolat chaud africain to start breakfast at Angelina.

13 October 2016

11 October 2016

Yes we Can-Can

This year's Montmartre Wine Harvest Festival Parade kicked off with French Can-Can dancing on the street where Toulouse Lautrec lived and painted.

Top photo conjures Lautrec posters of Le Moulin Rouge.

8 October 2016

7 October 2016

Un ti plaisir

One of my favorite Paris morning rituals is to take a moment to enjoy un ti crème.

- Thank you The Good Life In France Magazine for request for permission to re-publish waiter photo! BPJ - 

6 October 2016

Farewell dinner

Fashion Week ended on a high note last night with LVMH / Louis Vuitton hosting a candlelit multi-course celebrity sit-down dinner beginning with Champagne and hors d'oeuvres at Michelin-starred Hexagone.
Talented chef-de-cuisine Mathieu Pacaud was on hand to greet guests upon arrival.

- With a very special thanks to Angie - 

5 October 2016

Louvre façade

Section of a wall with arched passageway inside the Cour Napoléon at the Louvre.

3 October 2016

What to wear?

Once more it's Paris Fashion Week and putting together outfits for each event is both fun and challenging.

- With a very special thanks to Angie -