30 January 2022

National Croissant Day


How does one celebrate National Croissant Day? By indulging in croissants, of course....!

Above: first-thing-in-the-morning freshly baked croissants


27 January 2022

Throwback Thursday

The welcoming warmth of Carette, Place du Tertre.

 Takeaway coffee, chocolat chaud à l'ancienne, viennoisseries and, not usual, made-to-order crêpes at early hours.

Open 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. every day

25 January 2022

Castle in a window

A Christmas tradition originating in Kraków, szopki are ornate castles that showcase nativity scenes.    

 Above: a glistening szopka takes up the entire window of the Polish bookshop on Boulevard Saint-Germain

24 January 2022

Golden globes

Entrance to an underground shopping mall in an enclosed atrium with tropical plants.

23 January 2022

Crêpes at Christmas

Crêpes are a festive option with visitors whatever the occasion or time of year.

Above: at Breizh Café


21 January 2022

Moon walk


The first full moon of the year shines on streets and squares.

 Above: Place du Tertre

Below: rue des Abbesses





20 January 2022


The birth of Modern Greece 1675-1919

 The exhibition, organised on the occasion of the bicentenary of the 1821 Greek Revolution, aims to highlight the links between Greece and European culture, with a particular focus on the relations between Paris and Athens.


Musée du Louvre

Ends February 7, 2022

19 January 2022

Window stopping

A couple stops to look in a shop window on the Left Bank.
Annual winter soldes end February 8

18 January 2022

A chef's salad

Chef Yves Camdeborde's irresistible salade gourmande: 
green beans, artichokes, more, topped by a slice of foie gras

Le Relais Comptoir
9 Carrefour de l'Odéon 75006
In February newsletter:
Some dishes from my childhood
Tripes à la mode (de Caen)
Légumes farcis à la provençale
Bacalao (salt dried codfish) w/bananes plaintain
 Omelette aux herbes a.k.a. "Daddy's green omelet"
Pied de porc en gelée
 Fromage de tête
Beef tongue w/pickles
 Tête de veau
Rognons de veau
Hasenpfeffer w/juniper berries
German Rinderrouladen
To my Father

8 January 2022

7 January 2022

6 January 2022

Cakes for a King


Today is the Feast of the Three Kings.

 Who will get the fève?


Above: frangipane (sweet almond custard) galettes des rois w/apple cider from Brittany (where else?) tempt from a bakery window

2 January 2022

Blue hue

Illuminated in blue the Hôtel de Ville with its Christmas village on the square ends today.

Parvis de l'Hôtel de Ville (Mairie de Paris)

75004 Paris