12 December 2018

Watching #4

Last of my photos in this series, Eyes On Paris, of city-wide photography installation by JR.
More in January newsletter.

Ends February 10, 2019

Above: at station Hôtel de Ville (Line 1)

Below: at station Nanterre-Université (RER A)
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11 December 2018

Watching #3

Above: at station Pyramides (Line 7)


Eyes on Paris: I've been getting quite a few emails and texts asking whether it's safe to come to Paris.
Here's what U.S. food writer David Lebovitz has to say on the subject, along with some very good travel advice:

Is it safe to come to Paris?

8 December 2018

Watching #1

Giant photographs of eyes by Parisian artist JR have been installed at metro stations around the city.

Above: at station Saint-Michel (Line 4)

7 December 2018

Holiday shopping

Le Bon Marché's Dior window display.

[Bring your passport if spending 176 euros or more at any one store on same day for airport de-tax refund of up to 15%, even on items on sale]

6 December 2018

Lunch for two

Elegant dining at the Hôtel Régina, decked out for the holidays.

Hôtel Régina
2 Place des Pyramides 75001

5 December 2018

4 December 2018

Love and water

Over a drinking fountain at CDG Airport: "In Paris, we live on love and fresh water."

If only that were true.

3 December 2018

Paris / L.A.

I don't post about all of my trips but this one deserves at least a page:

Most of November saw us back in beautiful southern California carousing and catching up with family and old friends. Home turf: Santa Monica, Venice, Pacific Palisades.

Highlights included a flurry of invitations, soirées, fooding. There was whale/dolphin-spotting from a private boat off Balboa Island (Newport Beach), a live blues birthday party (birthday boy on bass), roving farmers' markets, photography exhibits, brunch at a dear friend's sumptuous ranch, early morning walks on the beach, quaint coffee houses and fantastic restaurant discoveries (including Korean barbecue like I'd never had - and I've had many). And an unsurpassed Thanksgiving.

Another evening inspired an impromptu French-style multi-course sit-down feast - chef de cuisine: yours truly - to lift the spirits of almost 30 Malibu fires evacuees staying at a friend's spacious home (huge thank you to my many fun helpers reading this, and who made it possible), which it did; thankfully not everyone lost their homes.

Somehow I was able to get some great photos, not nearly enough, some of which are in this month's newsletter along with addresses, menus, and recipes. Check Nouveautés
Below: harbor seals cling to a buoy as we head back from open sea; butterfly shrimp mango starter and clams in white wine sauce from deck overlooking the bay 

More: informal dinner at cherished friends' (we all go back to 80s London) hacienda-"old Hollywood"-style home high in the hills with views over the city of Los Angeles from the garden

Odds / ends: inside Rose Café [video: A Day At Rose Café]; a graffiti "dog house," both in Venice; surfer hang Dogtown Coffee in Santa Monica; a pre-brunch champagne tête-à-tête on patio at friend's private ranch


Vegan - Organic - Farm-sourced: green smoothies and Açaí bowls
Though I've been invited back to speak on various aspects of French culture - in particular my talk, "A French Paradox: The French 'Non Diet' and The Art of Eating for Pleasure" - I must say I didn't expecct to see almost zero obesity, much like in Paris: most everyone wherever we went (except at Eataly!) seemed to be in great shape - jogging, walking, bicycling, working out, and making healthy and delicious food choices.