29 June 2022


Most Paris cafés are also restaurants that serve meals all day long.

Above: a sharing lunch

 Le Vrai Paris
33 rue des Abbesses 75018 

 On the table:
Salmon mango tartare
Crunchy Vietnamese nems
Baked camembert w/truffles
Fried shrimp w/smoked paprika aïoli
Jambon Bellota platter
Frites maison / mixed salads 
A chilled summery rosé

27 June 2022

26 June 2022

24 June 2022

SOLDES d'été 2022


Paris' eagerly awaited summer sales are finally here, with many shops and boutiques already offering 40% markdowns on brand and off-brand fashion.

- Soldes d'été 2022 - 

Ends July 19

A place on the place


A small walkway off Le Pont Neuf leads to the tranquil Place Dauphine.

22 June 2022

21 June 2022

Travel Tuesday


A village café somewhere on the Côte d'Azur?

No, a Montmartre glacier on a sun-dappled afternoon.

Une Glace à Paris
16 Place des Abbesses 75018 
- artisan ice creams, sorbets, ice cream pastries -

17 June 2022

15 June 2022

Watermelon Wednesday


Watermelon and wine inside a covered market in the Château d'Eau district.

7 June 2022

Travel Tuesday


Easing into Èze, pearl of the French Riviera-Côte d'Azur. 

Below: vistas from surrounding hills; a cactus cluster

 3 hours (or less) from Paris
Recommended: fly/drive
Direct flight (1-hr 25 min) to Nice + car rental (30-min drive to Èze)

4 June 2022

After glow

Magical night at Fontaine de Mars and vernissage wine party on rue Saint-Dominique.

- Merci encore nos amis -




2 June 2022

Tête de mule


"Tête de mule" means obstinate and these artisan "tourtes de meule" from a bakery in the Pigalle district remain obstinately (and thankfully!) in demand for many a breakfast table, and more.

- France: a culture of bread - BPJ