18 July 2019

On its own

In Italy pasta is usually a starter not main course but this foie-gras-filled ravioli with a truffle cream sauce is an exception.

Where to find it
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16 July 2019

Casual chic

Love this place; its chic black and red interior has barely changed since I wrote it up for USA Today, except that Joël Robuchon is no longer with us.

Above: reserve your seat at one of the counters and keep an eye on the action 

L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon
5 rue de Montalembert 75007

15 July 2019

Le 14 juillet

Private party with unbelievable views of last night's Bastille Day fireworks high from a friend's magnificent Montmartre terrace.

Merci à toute la bande

13 July 2019

A Paris sunset

Forever-changing sunsets over Paris rooftops.


What to know when buying a vacation or 2nd home in Paris:
pros / (possible) cons, taxes, hidden charges...
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12 July 2019

A dinner for 8

Fabulous evening with seven beautiful successful women, all old friends converging from New York, Geneva and Paris, excited to be together at the same time in Paris.

Below: classic dessert moelleux au chocolat from sumptuous dinner in the shadow of Napoleon's Tomb

Merci à 
Restaurant Le Vauban
7 Place Vauban 75007

and Paula

11 July 2019

Marché mania

Beautiful markets, beautiful meals: fresh, seasonal local produce make food shopping in Paris a pleasure.


Markets open all summer
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