16 October 2018

Montmartre en fête #2

More scenes from Montmartre's annual wine harvest parade including flash demos of Capoeira, the Brazilian martial art that combines elements of fight, dance, music, and acrobatics.

Below: behind the parade a clean sweep at the end

Tomorrow: and the party went on...

- Festival street food, Montmartre village -

15 October 2018

Montmartre en fête #1

All weekend the butte was alive with festivities celebrating the grape harvest.

Above: scenes from annual parade

13 October 2018

Vendanges 2018

Montmartre, its slopes once green with vineyards, celebrates its 85th grape harvest festival.

Above: inside Paris' last vineyard

Montmartre Grape Harvest Festival 2018
[full program w/today's parade schedule]

- This year's featured guest wines are from Portugal -

10 October 2018

9 October 2018