19 October 2021

Go figure


Seasonal figs at a Paris street market.

Below: cut in half and grilled w/goat cheese, cashews, drizzled w/honey



16 October 2021

Montmartre en fête

Into the weekend with images from Montmartre's annual grape harvest street festival last week.
It's autumn in Paris.

Below: street food stalls; streaming toward the Basilica; parade

14 October 2021


Tucked into a corner this café with its portraits and patrons could be mistaken for a film set.

11 October 2021

Moules Monday


Moules on the menu:
Moules frites on a sunny terrace preceded by refreshing starters, below.

Lunch in Paris is a pleasurable and often spontaneous experience when café terraces packed with happy diners lure: it’s just a question of finding a table and making your presence known. It's a welcome daily respite that means sitting down to enjoy - no rushing, no seatings with time limits and rarely are reservations necessary, unless one's heart is set on finding a place out of the sun or *that table* in a private corner. The daily formule consists of a starter, main dish and dessert, or combo of just two (entrée + plat or plat + dessert) and is great value: look for it on the ardoise chalkboard or last page of the menu. All over France lunchtime starts around 12:30 with last orders taken until 2 as by 3 p.m. the kitchen closes, but sometimes, lingering is encouraged. Waiters won't usually dote or hover, considered intrusive, but will quickly come to your aid if but signaled by holding up a forefinger. - BPJ

7 October 2021

Café colors

A Montmartre café in the late afternoon.



Montmartre's annual Fête des Vendanges

October 6 - 10