8 June 2023

Stair art


After initial sketches were made local children pitched in to finish these stairs that feature the Eiffel Tower.


7 June 2023

Winter Wednesday

Flashback to February: view through trees of Notre Dame being worked on.

The cathedral is not expected to be finished until sometime in 2025 but will begin welcoming visitors in 2024. 


4 June 2023

3 June 2023

Café on a square


Paris' countless cafés are, for many, a hallmark of the city.

Above: a sunny June morning brings out tables and chairs



2 June 2023

Fraîcheur Friday

With glorious warm weather upon us cooling salads are seemingly everywhere.

Above: 1) red cabbage, green onion, carrot, fresh greens, sesame seeds, goat cheese-spinach-sun-dried-tomato samosas 2) salmon gravlax, avocado, green onion, mango, red-&-green cabbage, fresh dill; roasted tiny pommes de terre grenaille w/garlic on the side


1 June 2023

Café culture


It seems the entire city is under construction as Paris updates its metro system and prepares to host the 2024 Olympics, but that hasn't stopped café regulars.