1 August 2020

30 July 2020

Social distance

Parisians' reputation for being distant, even rude (the latter usually the conclusion of outsiders who've not mastered basic niceties) has been noticeably put on hold thanks to the virus. As soon as the confinement was lifted there was a distinct shift in our quartier: familiar eyes and voices behind masks stopping to engage in long conversations, neighbors suggesting a drink together and, as everyone knows someone, terrace tables filling up and suddenly, it's lunch time. BPJ

Above: get-togethers at different spots almost every day in Montmartre; tables pushed together for a spontaneous light group lunch

Below: an elderly couple who rarely venture out enjoy a long lunch; coffees and tea for 8  

29 July 2020

Picture perfect

The façade of this café-restaurant behind Notre Dame Cathedral has become the subject of many a photograph evoking romantic old Paris.


In August newsletter: reprint of my article, "Paris is Picture Perfect" © 2004

28 July 2020

Farewell to Joséphine

While Napoléon might have been crazy about his impératrice Joséphine de Beauharnais a.k.a. "Yeyette," descendants of French colonialism are not, and on Sunday her beheaded statue, a reminder of that era, was toppled in Martinique, her birthplace.

Above: close-up from "The Empress Joséphine" by Pierre-Paul Prud'Hon

Musée du Louvre

Due to Covid-19 all visitors are now required to book a time slot and wear a mask

27 July 2020