12 December 2018

Watching #4

Last of my photos in this series, Eyes On Paris, of city-wide photography installation by JR.
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Above: at station Hôtel de Ville (Line 1)

Below: at station Nanterre-Université (RER A)
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11 December 2018

Watching #3

Above: at station Pyramides (Line 7)


Eyes on Paris: I've been getting quite a few emails and texts asking whether it's safe to come to Paris.
Here's what U.S. food writer David Lebovitz has to say on the subject, along with some very good travel advice:

Is it safe to come to Paris?

8 December 2018

Watching #1

Giant photographs of eyes by Parisian artist JR have been installed at metro stations around the city.

Above: at station Saint-Michel (Line 4)