20 January 2021

Snowed in

Covered in footsteps, Place Dauphine was practically deserted by midday.


Above all, my dear child, do not come to Paris!
No one leaves for fear of seeing this plague fall on us, it spreads like a dry wood fire. The king and Mazarin confine us all to our apartments. - Attributed to a letter from Mme de Sévigné to her daughter, Thursday April 30, 1687

19 January 2021

Snow bird

 At first I didn't notice the white bird, a seagull, standing perfectly still on the just fallen snow.


A "snowbird" is a person who migrates from a cold climate to a warmer and in Arizona, their caravans fill national park campgrounds. Usually retired, they make new friends as they go, comfortably installed for the winter months on folding chairs around campfires - knitting, cooking, making coffee, chatting, exchanging stories and travel advice. The beautiful weather means TV's, radios (oui radios) al fresco, hiking boots and sun protection lotion. - BPJ

18 January 2021

First snow


 Snowflakes fell in Montmartre on Saturday as another curfew began at 6 p.m.


 Stay warm



15 January 2021

Potage maison

With yesterday's announcement of a stricter lockdown it was time for a potage campagnarde. 
Above: tureen of winter veggies - potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips, more - thickened w/beef marrow and cream
Below: potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips


14 January 2021

Voilà l'ennemi!

Page from a vintage newspaper framed in a Paris wine shop window.

 Above: before-after illustration of the ravages of alcohol; just beneath, drawings of healthy organs contrasted w/"organs of the alcoholic"