2 June 2020

Chairs in...

And today, chairs (and tables) out. Terraces only. No inside dining until further notice.


Phase 2 déconfinement: New rules

30 May 2020

A face on the street

Graffiti on a wall where two streets meet in Montmartre.


Every time I'm on the rue Gabrielle I can't help but think of a lovely young American, a writer, who settled in Paris and we became co-writers/editors on an online franco-zine. We met when she'd had a close bout with the infamous administration française and contacted me, but in no time at all she was off and running and didn't need me at all. The next time I saw her she'd gotten herself ensconced on the rue Gabrielle with two fluffy cats in the most charming sort of atelier with sweeping romantic rooftop views. She made a mean cup of tea and we'd swap great laughs and great stories. Her self-effacing enthusiasm and bottomless creativity was refreshing to be around and as contagious as the coronavirus, and made me (almost) consider taking a break from Paris to re-discover the land of frozen margaritas.

Gabrielle, if you're reading this, wherever you are, thank you for those unforgettable times and equally unforgettable cups of tea. BPJ

29 May 2020

A summer soupe

My recent post on gazpacho andaluz inspired another cold soup, this one a personal variation of the (American!) classic, Vichyssoise.


Recipe in June newsletter

27 May 2020

School rules

Schools in France reluctantly re-opened their doors May 11 and so far, into the third week, all seems to be going well.

Above: posted outside elementary schools, "To protect me and to protect others!"

26 May 2020


Marcel's on Avenue Junot has become our new daily stop, just up the stairs from our usual café.