24 April 2018

By the gram

Scales used to weigh leaves of over 600 varieties of tea.

Mariage Frères
- Since 1854 -
30 rue du Bourg Tibourg 75004

(tea room open for refined lunches / tea time)

Working away

23 April 2018

Seeing double

I. M. Pei's Pyramide du Louvre might well be called, the "Pyramides du Louvre" as there are several smaller pyramids, a large inverted pyramid plus pyramid-shaped fountains.

21 April 2018

It was Johnny

A motorcyle, symbol of French rocker Johnny Hallyday, is parked in front of a kiosk.
A photo of his widow on the magazine cover reads, "It was Johnny."

R.I.P. Johnny Hallyday

In the loup

With such beautiful weather we decided lunch on the terrace of Les Loups de la Butte, a new neighborhood bistrot I've posted about before, might be fun - and it was.

Above: chef's fish soup-of-the-day crammed with eye-opening textures; a demi magret (duck breast) in its juices with grilled eggplant and chanterelles; other dishes, wine, not shown
(click to enlarge)

20 April 2018

Asparagus season

It's asparagus season and asperges seem to be putting in an appearance on every menu.

Mani pedi season

Warm weather in Paris means book early.
Watch for my picks in upcoming May newsletter.

- Merci Danielle for the use of your feet! -