14 December 2017

Froth art

A café crème gets the touche finale by a talented barista.

Café Craft
Holly Belly
Le Peloton Café
Café Cuillier

 In next month's newsletter: My pick of Paris' best coffee shops.
[Plus: tucked away on Plaza de los Mártires in Malaga, Spain, Mia Coffee Shop packs a punch]

11 December 2017

All thumb

An enormous bronze thumb by French artist César Baldaccini on square in front of the Centre Pompidou.

The mandrill indicates with thumb
Aurora Borealic bum.

Michael Alexander
British author, explorer, poet, Colditz war prisoner

9 December 2017

8 December 2017

Bear windows

This year's Ralph Lauren holiday window display.

Ralph Lauren
173 Boulevard Saint-Germain 75006

6 December 2017

5 December 2017

Girl time

It's after dinner, it's late, and time to sip into something comfortable.

Bistrot Vivienne
4 rue des Petits Champs 75002

4 December 2017

Her too

Bronze bust of French pop icon singer entertainer Dalida on the Montmartre square named after her.

2 December 2017

1 December 2017

Deck the halls

Christmas trees sparkle as an almost-full moon peeks over clouds at the town hall of the 18th arrondissement.