30 November 2015

28 November 2015

Autumn in Montmartre #4

Walkway to a hidden hotel, once a private home. New York chef Anthony Bourdain stayed here while filming in Paris.

27 November 2015

Autumn in Montmartre #3

Scattered leaves and a parked bicycle. It's early and below, in the distance, a boulangerie and café opens for business.

26 November 2015

Thanksgivings past

To past Thanksgivings and Thanksgivings yet to come, a very happy one wherever you are.

Above: the table is set as fireplaces and candles are lit in anticipation of sit-down dinner.
Finishing touches are put on the appetizer - Russian "Coulibiac" pies made with fresh salmon, dill, and mushrooms - as guests don aprons to cook, nibble, tipple, and chat.

More photos in upcoming December newsletter:

- A farmhouse in Normandy
- Châteauneuf-en-Auxois, Burgundy, "one of France's most beautiful villages"
- A Paris rooftop apartment
- Pre-Thanksgiving toasts and apéritifs at elegant Hôtel Meurice's Bar 228

24 November 2015

Autumn in Montmartre #1

Fall colors seem to be more intense in Montmartre, the hilltop village of tree-lined streets that abruptly rises out of the city.

23 November 2015

And the band plays on

A street corner band at a market in the Latin Quarter district performs every weekend, brightening up winter days.

22 November 2015

Chocolate stop

Patrick Roger's chocolates are my favorite chocolates anywhere. And I don't even have a sweet tooth.

21 November 2015

Empty and waiting

Usually this café, heat lamps on, gets so busy at lunchtime that it has to turn customers away.

18 November 2015

17 November 2015


In Montmartre, the usually animated Place des Abbesses with its carousel and cafés, almost deserted.

15 November 2015

13 November 2015

12 November 2015

Floral explosion

fleuriste with chandeliers inside and tantalizing arrangements set up outside. Today, a voluminous bouquet of white hydrangeas.

11 November 2015

Of hearth and home

Animal portraits and giant golden apples are just some of the unusual decorative touches in a small hotel near the Odéon theater.

10 November 2015

Shoe repère

An ancienne cordonnerie-now-coffeehouse is a popular point de repère for neighborhood locals.

7 November 2015

6 November 2015

L'acteur grec

This sculpture, "The Greek Actor," is depicted practicing his lines in the Jardin du Luxembourg.

5 November 2015

4 November 2015

Oyster of the month

In France, even months without an "R" don't keep oysters at bay.

Above: ready-to-slurp Bélons at an along-the-Seine autumn food fest

3 November 2015

Art nouveau marvel

Some interior shots of Saint-Jean de Montmartre, one of a handful of art nouveau churches in the world.

2 November 2015

Napoleon's hat

It's said that The Little Corporal couldn't pay his tab at this restaurant so he left this hat, now enshrined.