22 September 2017


In the heart of the old Marais district a café at the back of an offbeat bookstore looks onto a vegetable garden.

La Mouette Rieuse
(The Laughing Seagull)
17bis rue Pavée 75004 

21 September 2017


Life-sized chrome replica of a T-Rex skeleton adds zing to a stroll along the river.

19 September 2017

Magic meringues

Multi-flavored meringues in a Left Bank pâtisserie said to reverse negative wishes, curses, hexes, you name it, back onto the sender.

18 September 2017

Hermès, Paris

Horse and rider atop the Hermès building, a reminder of the brand's equestrian beginnings.

Hermès (main shop)
24 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré 75008

16 September 2017

Interior refresh

Creative furnishings fill the upstairs loft at this Marais concept store.

111 Boulevard Beaumarchais 75003

15 September 2017

14 September 2017


"Twizy" Renault's all-electric two-seater zips around Paris' narrow streets.

12 September 2017

8 September 2017

A simple lunch

3-course formule in old Les Halles district.
Today: tomato-guac mille-feuilles, chiffonade of roast beef with caper-dill mayo and crunchy garlic potatoes, strawberry tiramisu

Comptoir de la Gastronomie
(restaurant/boutique - reservations recommended) 
34 rue Montmartre 75001

7 September 2017

5 September 2017

Rocher de Cancale

Now a regular café-restaurant this was writer Balzac's go-to place for fresh oysters from Brittany.

Au Rocher de Cancale
78 rue Montorgueil 75002

Dead fish

Scrawled onto peeling wallpaper, "Only the dead fish follow the current."

4 September 2017

Paris when it drizzles

A comfortable spot under an arcade waiting for the rain to stop.

Next stop: Pigalle
Don’t let Pigalle’s naughty reputation stop you from visiting this up/coming quartier’s cocktail bar sensations like Lulu White....

2 September 2017

Dior #3

A ball gown to beat all ball gowns.

"Christian Dior, Couturier du Rêve"

Musée des Arts Décoratifs
 107 rue de Rivoli 75001

Until January 7, 2018

1 September 2017