5 January 2021

Home for the holidays #2

When neighbors happen to be friends....

 2021 was heralded in chez des amis with a simple celebration au coin du feu.

Above: champagne and smoked salmon w/chive cream sauce; variety of canapés

Below: foie gras de canard w/fig chutney; AOC farm cheeses 



¡Las doce uvas de la suerte!

"The twelve grapes of luck"

When I lived in Spain, on New Year's Eve everyone would have a small cup of twelve grapes at the ready for when the first bell chimed at midnight, and with each chime, we'd eat one grape, and with each grape, make a wish. According to the tradition, downing all twelve grapes just as the last chime chimed would lead to twelve months of prosperity and good luck. This year, someone suggested cherry tomatoes instead but, superstitious, we decided it was better not to tempt fate. - BPJ

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