3 December 2018

Paris / L.A.

I don't post about all of my trips but this one deserves at least a page:

Most of November saw us back in beautiful southern California carousing and catching up with family and old friends. Home turf: Santa Monica, Venice, Pacific Palisades.

Highlights included a flurry of invitations, soirées, fooding. There was whale/dolphin-spotting from a private boat off Balboa Island (Newport Beach), a live blues birthday party (birthday boy on bass), roving farmers' markets, photography exhibits, brunch at a dear friend's sumptuous ranch, early morning walks on the beach, quaint coffee houses and fantastic restaurant discoveries (including Korean barbecue like I'd never had - and I've had many). And an unsurpassed Thanksgiving.

Another evening inspired an impromptu French-style multi-course sit-down feast - chef de cuisine: yours truly - to lift the spirits of almost 30 Malibu fires evacuees staying at a friend's spacious home (huge thank you to my many fun helpers reading this, and who made it possible), which it did; thankfully not everyone lost their homes.

Somehow I was able to get some great photos, not nearly enough, some of which are in this month's newsletter along with addresses, menus, and recipes. Check Nouveautés 
Below: harbor seals cling to a buoy as we head back from open sea; butterfly shrimp mango starter and clams in white wine sauce from deck overlooking the bay 

More: informal dinner at cherished friends' hacienda-"old Hollywood"-style home (we all go back to 80s London) high in the hills with stunning views over the city of Los Angeles from the garden

Below: odds / ends - inside Rose Café [video: A Day At Rose Café]; a graffiti "dog house," both in Venice; surfer hang Dogtown Coffee in Santa Monica; a pre-brunch champagne tête-à-tête on patio at a dear friend's private ranch


"A French Paradox: The French 'Non Diet' and The Art of Eating for Pleasure":
 I couldn't help but notice that almost everywhere we went there seemed to be almost zero obesity, much like in Paris. Most were in great shape - jogging, walking, bicycling, working out - and making healthy delicious food choices.

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