14 December 2020

Parisienne rules

As my previous postings on Parisiennes have been getting much feedback, this morning I've put together this (far from exhaustive) list to get non-Parisiennes started.

 Enjoy! - BPJ


15 ways to be a Parisienne - or at least feel like one - in Paris:

 1. Take good care of your skin. Keep it glowing by moisturizing and sipping water throughout the day. And when it comes to makeup, keep it simple.

2. Bike and/or walk. Every day.

3. Keep jeans and plain white T's on hand, then add a nice jacket, bag and/or scarf to change your look. And white sport shoes are fine.

4. Wear a skirt or dress sometimes, even when riding a bike or motorcycle.

5. Don’t be afraid to express your views or disagree, and this includes politics. If someone gets offended, leave. Fast.

6. Don’t get fat.

7. Don't talk about money. Especially yours. And don't brag. Exception: family members who are doing better than you.

8. Have favorites: favorite cocktail, chef, author, film director, designer, restaurant / wine bar....

9. Let your eyes do the speaking. Most of the time.

10. Shop and eat bio.

11. Never arrive early.

12. Don't sit drinking red wine as an apéritif and on its own. Ever. Every Paris café and restaurant has its apéritifs list and red wine isn't on it. Or white, except as a kir.

13. Don’t be afraid to wear the same thing every day. Think Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg, That Woman At That New York Ad Agency... Parisiennes have more important daily decisions to make and know it's just their local café, not a fashion show.

14. Don’t be smiley (w/masks currently en rigueur this one's easy). Save smiles for those you know or if you want a service. 

15. Choose a parfum as your signature scent. With holiday shopping in full swing, drop hints.

Perfume me
Photo image courtesy of Danielle

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