20 July 2024

Sit-down Saturday


Feet up, an iced coffee, a good book.


At the fountain inside the gardens of the Palais-Royal

17 July 2024

Weepy Wednesday

In the small garden of Paris' oldest church rain streams down the face of a bust of Dora Maar by Pablo Picasso.
"The New York Times called her 'a muse of Picasso' and the 'principal model for many of his so-called weeping women portraits in the late 30s and early 40s.'" - Dora Maar: how Picasso's weeping woman had the last laugh The Guardian 11/15/2019  

16 July 2024

Table Tuesday

Two tables invitingly set for lunch in the passageway behind historical Le Procope.


15 July 2024

Moules Monday

Monday's plat du jour:

Moules de Bouchot (mussels grown on wooden poles in the sea) fresh from Brittany in a creamy Sauce au Bleu with what else... frites.