31 March 2021

Wishful Wednesday

 With travel restrictions still in place last night's apéro was an attempt to re-create the gezelligheid (coziness) of an Amsterdam "brown bar."

 Above: a batch of beef Bitterballen, the fabled Dutch tapas w/two kinds of mustards, washed down w/icy brut cider

27 March 2021

26 March 2021

Doggie style

A small dog sports the stripey shirt of Brittany with matching jeans.

 Below: a closer look

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25 March 2021

New rule

 A new "no more than six together outside" rule goes into effect today and includes coffee gatherings, only this time around subject to fines.

22 March 2021


An easy-to-miss boutique on a Montmartre side street caters to the curious.
 Above: anatomical charts; specialty candles; skull of a spiral-horned antelope
Below: skeleton w/sign, "I am fragile. Thank you for not touching me"; portraits, butterflies, bats, bugs, brains

Cabinet des Curiosités 
7 rue Ravignan 75018

20 March 2021

Bonjour le printemps

 Today is the first day of spring.

L'air du temps

Last night to much grumbling Paris began its Third Lockdown.

Above: crowds during the Second Lockdown two weekends ago at the foot of Sacré Coeur

19 March 2021

16 March 2021


 A Haussmann building with a domed roof commands a corner of a Montmartre street.

13 March 2021

Café Paris

The talk in Paris is that cafés will re-open in mid April.
 And maybe restaurants.

 Above: fresh croissants and hot coffee en terrasse

12 March 2021

Dry run

Soon after the rain stopped these pompiers left the caserne to get in some exercise.

10 March 2021

A lockdown planche

A simple yet bountiful Franco-Italian-themed planche mixte to ease le confinement.

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Merci nos chers amis

8 March 2021

A thousand oaks


One thousand hundred-year-old oaks will be felled by the end of this month to rebuild the spire of Notre-Dame de Paris.

Above: the spire through trees before the fire

6 March 2021

4 March 2021

Throwback Thursday

360° views over Paris from Le Jules Verne restaurant atop the Eiffel Tower.
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From "Gird yourself"

2 March 2021

Saint Aubin


Yesterday marked The Feast of Saint Aubin (Albinus d'Angers) who, along with Saint Honoré (Honoratus d'Amiens), is the go-to patron saint should you be a boulanger or pâtissier.