25 June 2019

Cascade florale #2

"Cascade florale" (June 8, 2019) has been receiving so many clicks/views that I've decided to post photos of this same café at different times of the day for the next few days in the spirit of Monet's "Cathedral of Rouen" series.

Late afternoon.

24 June 2019

Hats are always a good idea

With soaring temperatures expected all week it's time to grab a hat.


"Paris pools will host night swimming, large parks will stay open all hours and special 'cool rooms' will be set up in town hall buildings as French authorities fear for residents’ health during the anticipated European heatwave.

The French capital still carries the trauma of the 2003 heatwave, which caused many thousands of deaths in France and so many deaths in the Paris area that morgues ran out of space.

Elderly people and those living alone without contact with neighbours are a particular concern as the city increases emergency planning...." - BPJ

21 June 2019

Music en fête

Today is the 37th Fête de la Musique when Paris turns into a giant street party heralding in the first day of summer.

Above: dinner and jazz at La Chope des Puces

122 rue des Rosiers 93400 Saint-Ouen
Tel: 01 40 11 28 80

jazz manouche Sundays from 2 p.m.-7 p.m.

- Call for scheduled dinner/jazz evenings -

20 June 2019

Face off

 HEY! Modern Art & Pop Culture - Act IV
Group exhibition

Artist: Troy Brooks
bookstore / coffee shop / museum / gallery 
2 rue Ronsard 75018
Ends August 2, 2019

- July newsletter: photos from champagne press opening -

19 June 2019

Déjeuner sur l'herbe

June means food, music, art and, as usual, Paris goes all out.

Above: at the foot of Montmartre streets are covered in grass and transformed into giant picnic spaces complete with lounge chairs, live music and barbecues til midnight

Below: quick tapas & beer stop


2019 Fête de la Musique

Friday June 21st

"On this day, amateur musicians will invade the capital’s streets and bars to properly celebrate the 38th edition of Make Music Day aka Fête de la Musique"


17 June 2019

All in one night


Flash downpour, then clear skies and a full moon.
Above: celebrating Father's Day at Restaurant 58 inside the Eiffel Tower
Below: gliding down the river when the Tower suddenly lit up
Chef de cuisine: Thierry Marx


With an extra special thanks to Sue

16 June 2019

Fête des pères

Today is Father's Day.

Phare dans la nuit, capitaine du navire, contre les vents contraires, tu souris et déposes un baiser sur ma joue endormie....

15 June 2019

14 June 2019

A simple meal

A delightful part of Parisian lifestyle is spontaneous dinners with small groups of friends. A plus when everyone lives in the same neighborhood!

Above: dinner chez an artist who happens to be a wine expert; starter salad

Below: sunset view from the dining room which also serves as an atelier

12 June 2019

Serious eating

No clowning around when it comes to the food and natural wines at this restaurant where Paris chefs head on their night off.

Above: Beef Wellington eat your heart out -
foie gras-laced duck breast encased in a light pastry with apple compote maison

Clown Bar
(a former canteen for workers at the Cirque d"Hiver next door)
114 rue Amelot 75011

11 June 2019

Spirit of Paris

Paris est une ville magique…   
The occult sciences unite all that cannot be explained. They seek to make visible the invisible, in the broad sense, whether poetic or scientific.... We cannot understand 20th century Europe without knowledge of the occult sciences. - Bertrand Matot, French journalist and author, “Paris Occulte”


Paris’ fascination for the occult spans centuries. Magic and sorcellerie were an accepted part of life in the Middle Ages. Nicolas Flamel, a formidable character in the Harry Potter series whose 15th century house still stands in the Marais district, was not only a philosopher but notably, an alchemist.

In the mid-nineteenth century mysticism went on an unprecedented rampage. Every night in the salons of high society and even the Palace of the Tuileries - where Napoleon III would try to get in touch with his famous uncle - séances (a French term meaning "sessions") were held to communicate with spirits of the departed. These “salons of the occult" were frequented, and helmed, by some of the most glamorous and biggest names of the day in literature, arts, and sciences, all hungry to touch and be touched by the supernatural.

Victor Hugo was a frequent guest at beautiful Madame Delphine de Girardin’s spiritisme salons, while “le spiritisme, la magie et la science du fantastique” exerted a “grande fascination” over Honoré de Balzac.

Driven by a desire for the mystical, the chic and intellectual set of the day flocked to gatherings in search of the au-delà. Years later, Gabriel Garcia Marquez' magical realism, Umberto Eco's esotericism and, in fine arts, surrealism and fantastic realism, were to become undeniable offshoots.

In recently released “Paris Occulte” Matot delves into this fascinating part of French culture and history in the form of an engaging, well-researched and wonderfully illustrated read. - BPJ

Paris Occulte
Author: Bertrand Matot
Publisher: Parigramme
(in French)

7 June 2019

Dress Code: white

The rules are simple: everyone must dress in white from head to toe. Elegance is essential and originality a plus... No plastic or paper dishes and utensils allowed...  
The Good Life France Magazine

This year's last minute surprise setting for Le Dîner En Blanc was as spectacular as expected: 
in the glow of the Eiffel Tower.

June newsletter
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Merci François Pasquier

6 June 2019

Star among stars

A special occasion deserved a special night out.

Le Taillevent 
15 rue Lamennais 75008

Chef de cuisine: David Bizet

5 June 2019

3 June 2019

Café bleu

Probably the best crêpe restaurant in the city.

Breizh Café
1 rue de l'Odéon 75006

1 June 2019


Soufflés have to be eaten straight from the oven, otherwise they deflate.

Above: classic cheese soufflés

Below: soufflés of chocolate, caramel with salted butter, grand marnier....

Le Récamier
4 rue Récamier 75007

  Remerciements to Gérard Idoux, chef de cuisine for a super evening - and for making sure our soufflés were ready, all at the same time for each course
- And merci Sandy and Bill -