29 May 2023

Mocha Monday


Stacked receipts behind my café noisette on the zinc counter of a local Paris café.


24 May 2023

Sun Ré


We lucked out with sunshine every day, not always the case on the Atlantic coast.

Above: simple Ré-past (sharing apéro) of beet falafels, baked camembert w/honey and fresh herbs, local oysters, terrine maison; village square dining; morning markets; seaside gathering

23 May 2023

Travel Tuesday


 île de Ré: a favorite destination

With its quaint white villages, lighthouses, salt marshes and beaches backed by dunes and pine trees, this island off the west coast of France in the North Atlantic (not to mention an easy jaunt from Paris) is a photographer's paradise.


Below: ports of call; a secluded pathway; bicycling past vineyards


 - Tomorrow: more Ré -


15 May 2023

14 May 2023

Mothers Day

A very Happy Mother's Day to mothers everywhere.


Mother's Day 2023 in France: June 4 


11 May 2023

Café calm


Paris cafés are more than a place to sit down to enjoy a coffee. They are a way of life and a part of what makes this city so special.



9 May 2023

Abbey road

 A medieval abbey once home to the powerful bishops of Cluny now a museum is accessible from a small street in the heart of the Latin Quarter.

 National Museum of the Middle Ages
 28 rue du Sommerard 75005 

5 May 2023

3 May 2023

Wine Wednesday

 A casual evening of tasting: good food and fine wine
Above: l'art de vivre in a Paris apartment
Below: surrounded by the work of our host, a local artist


2 May 2023



Graffiti art brightens a Montmartre street corner.

On the wall: "That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger"



1 May 2023

Mocha Monday


Espressos, tea and a neighborhood flea market on a weekend morning.


 - Happy Fête du Travail -