20 March 2023

Mocha Monday

 A mid-morning coffee: one of life's greatest small pleasures.




"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do." - Walter Bagehot


17 March 2023

Irish twins


The driver of this bike is picking up an order of fresh baguettes.

Above: a local boulangerie called, Les Deux Frères, the two brothers

Boulangerie Les Deux Frères 
111 rue Caulaincourt 75018


Irish twins: "'Irish twins' are only those siblings born within 12 months (or less) of each other. The phrase originates from the United States and Britain of the 19th century and was a disparaging term used to describe siblings from large, and mostly poor, Irish immigrant families." - IrishCentral.com


Saint Patrick's Day 2023

16 March 2023

What's brewing?

Above: amber; IPA

Below: craft beer lineup; very busy booth (2022)


Once again the Brewers Association, the not-for-profit trade association representing small and independent American craft brewers, will be exhibiting at Planète Bière, Le Centquartre Paris, 19-20 March, with an innovative, creative and diverse range of high-quality American craft beers, many of which are recent award-winners at prestigious international beer competitions.

Representing 14 American craft breweries and pouring approximately 44 different beers, the Brewers Association will be joined by brewery owners/representatives who have travelled to Paris to support their brands and explore the French beer market. Participating American craft breweries and their representatives include:

903 Brewing Co
Athletic Brewing Co
Belching Beaver Brewery
Coronado Brewing Co
Cruz Blanca Brewery
Destihl Brewery
Mill Hill Brewing Co
Fremont Brewing
Heavy Riff Brewing Co +  Mike Zahra, Export Manager
Paradox Brewery
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co + Steve Grossman, brand ambassador
The Virginia Beer Co + Chris Smith & Robby Willey, Co-founders/owners
The Bold Mariner – Kerrie Stacks, Co-owner
Upslope Brewing Co

Beers in can or bottle format will be available for sampling and range from well-made, award-winning classic styles such as American IPA to ground-breaking and highly creative iterations such as a white chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake Berliner Weisse. Many breweries will be new to the French market, and the Brewers Association booth at Planète Bière will be the only place to sample them in France. All beers will showcase the quality and innovation for which American craft brewers are renowned, a fact that is borne out by the number of top honors they win at prestigious global competitions. In the last three most recent competitions American craft beers won 85 medals between them.

 A cheese and beer pairing (!) stand in conjunction with Parole de Fromagers and a "Meet the Brewers" area will form the highlight of the Brewers Association’s presence at this year's Planète Bière, where festival visitors can interact with the brains behind the breweries while sampling great-tasting beers.

Lotte Peplow, Brewers Association’s American Craft Beer Ambassador for Europe, comments: “Europe is the second biggest export market behind Canada for American craft beer and our presence at Planète Bière is designed to stimulate interest, drive trial and expand international distribution opportunities in France. Our range of cracker-jack American craft beers helps solidify America’s reputation as a global leader in the production of innovative, world-class quality beers, and we look forward to sharing the complexity, creativity and bold flavors of American craft beer with this year’s visitors.”

Ahead of Planète Bière, the Brewers Association will be hosting a Tap Takeover and Meet the Brewer at La Binouze, 72 rue Marguerite de Rochechouart, 75009, Paris on Friday 17 March 2023. A wide selection of quality American craft beers will be available. Free attendance. - BPJ


 Planète Bière, Le Centquartre Paris

March 19 - 20 


Downloadable resources at www.BrewersAssociation.org



14 March 2023

Tasting Tuesday


Fashion Week, kaiseki-ryōri (traditional Japanese multi-course tasting menu), sake house cocktail, Kazuki Watanabe's open kitchen, Michelin chic and best of all, dear friends. 
乾杯 - Kanpai!
Ogata Paris
16 rue Debelleyme 75003



13 March 2023

10 March 2023

1 March 2023

Wine Wednesday

Au comptoir 
Exquisite wines by the glass with French tapas.... 
Who needs more?

Wine bar

 L’Avant Comptoir de la Terre
3 Carrefour de l'Odéon 75006


28 February 2023

Travel Tuesday


Looking back with muchos recuerdos from Spain.

(click to enlarge)

March newsletter


 3 hours (or less) from Paris


Direct flights

24 February 2023

Floral Friday

A bouquet explodes with spring flowers inside a shop in the Latin Quarter.


23 February 2023

Thank you Thursday


MERCI, a concept space showcasing fashion, arts de table and interior design, has a très agréable coffee shop-tea room and downstairs, a restaurant.

111 Boulevard Beaumarchais 75003 


21 February 2023

Travel Tuesday


Geese on their way to market in Ciutat Vella, Old Town Valencia, where Romans once cavorted.


 3 hours (or less) from Paris


 Direct flights



18 February 2023

17 February 2023

Floral Friday


Winter-flowering mimosas are taking center stage at florists all over Paris.


13 February 2023

Mocha Monday

A petit déjeuner of hot coffee and still warm viennoiseries starts a cold day.



8 February 2023

Seeing red


 Red tables and red chairs flank a red café atop the butte Montmartre.


7 February 2023

Tati Tuesday

Tati, that Barbès landmark in the north of Paris where thousands flocked to rifle through bins of discounted fabric bolts, 50-centime nail polish and XXL panties in this diverse neighborhood, has re-opened its doors to street art.

Ends February 16
entrée libre


4 February 2023

31 January 2023

Tuesday tasting

Well yesterday was National Croissant Day, and while I try to avoid two food posts in a row, I came across this photo taken on an autumn morning in Provence. The plateau of just-baked buttery croissants and pains au chocolat was irresistible.


30 January 2023

Meaty Monday


In Paris, vegetarian and vegan options are getting easier to find but for now, meat is king.  Especially beef. In most café-restaurants, bistros and brasseries, steak is on the menu, with all the usual suspects present - côte de boeuf, entrecôte, bavette, faux-filet, rumsteak, filet mignon. Note: unless filet mignon is followed by the word boeuf, it's always pork. Paleron and gîte get simmered to tenderness in cold-weather stews such as Boeuf Bourguignon or Pot-Au-Feu. Côte de boeuf, on the rib or côte, is greatly prized. It's pricier, often reserved in advance and, because of its size, shared. No T-bone here.
The race bovine or cattle breed is proudly displayed: Charolais, Salers, Aubrac, Limousin, Rouge des prés, Gasconne, and for the past few years, Angus. Where the beef comes from (origine France for example) is required to be posted, somewhere. 
A particular cut of steak is expected to appear on plates prepared a particular way, and that’s all part of it. So sauce béarnaise and frites maison are the usual accompaniments to côte de boeuf and sometimes, a marrow bone is thrown in. Seared entrecôte will arrive with a just melting pat of beurre maître d'hôtel. No bavette, a sort of flank steak, is worth its weight if it's not served with sauce à l'échalote, a wine-shallot sauce. And so it goes.
American tastes usually find that meat in France - and this includes lamb and duck - is underdone when it comes to their desired cuisson: saignant (rare), à point (medium/medium rare), bien cuit (well done). The most popular (French) choice for steaks is saignant and à point for cheeseburgers. The good news is, meat that's not cooked enough to one's liking can always be sent back to the kitchen to be cooked up. The bad: just ordering beef "well-done” (Anglo style) is usually a non-non and could elicit a reaction - a comment here, a pffft there, or, as recently happened to a friend visiting from New York who ordered her steak well done, she turned around and caught the waiter making grimaces behind her back. - BPJ

Above: côte de boeuf (between saignant and à point) w/three sauces

côte de boeuf (saignant


29 January 2023

Chinese New Year

Paris celebrates Chinese New Year in four distinct Asian neighborhoods.
Ends February 5, 2023


26 January 2023

Throwback Thursday

Throwback to recent trip to London over the holidays.

Above: life-sized moving window displays at ultra department store Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly


London: 3 hours (or less) from Paris


23 January 2023

Maki Monday

Gourmet maki, temaki, sushi.... Japanese comfort food on a cold day.
Blueberry Maki Bar 
6 rue du Sabot 75006