31 October 2015

Pumpkin on the menu

Pumpkins are in season and showing up on menus either roasted or as velvety soups rather than as pumpkin pies.

30 October 2015


A boat makes its way up the Canal Saint Martin lock by lock, as seen from one of the bridges.

29 October 2015

Rose arbors

Trellises in a square behind the church of Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre.

28 October 2015

Lone bench

Soon these leaves will be turning brown and blanket this square.

27 October 2015

Autumn sun

With the bells of Notre Dame Cathedral in the background this sidewalk tea salon made an unrivalled setting.

26 October 2015


The unmistakable silhouette of Charlie Chaplin stenciled onto a corner of a house in Montmartre.

25 October 2015

24 October 2015

More sumptuousness

Brasserie Printemps, under a lavish stained-glass cupola on the top floor of the Haussmann store, is a perfect after-shopping stop for a Ladies' or Mother-Daughter Lunch.
Update 8/2020:
selected as one of ten "amazing ambience" restaurants in Paris by The Travel Channel

23 October 2015

Patch of green

Vibrant flowers and thick green grass flourish outside an medieval church.

22 October 2015


Lobby at glamorous Hotel Hilton Paris Opera, built in 1889 and recently refurbished.

21 October 2015

19 October 2015

Clown time

A couple of street performers take some down time on a bench behind Notre-Dame Cathedral.

18 October 2015

Hidden passage #3

Close-up of a doorway within one of the private courtyards of the Cour de Rohan passageway.

17 October 2015

Hidden passage #2

An ethereal light diffused through an open gate and into one of the small courtyards behind the Cour du Commerce Saint André.

16 October 2015

Karl who?

Last night was the invitation-only private preview of CHANEL maestro Karl Lagerfeld's photography.

"Karl Lagerfeld: A Visual Journey" starts today.

12/19/2015 This post continues to get a high # of visitors and behind-the-scenes comments. ((Thank you readers))
Update: see post My Tribute to Karl

15 October 2015

Hidden passage

This small courtyard, behind gates and one of three, was part of an ancient passageway once blocked by remnants of the Philippe Augustus wall. The modern glass structure is an artist's studio.

14 October 2015


This dog sat upright the entire time awaiting scraps from our planche de charcuterie.

13 October 2015

Silver shoes

Entering this space is like stepping into another dimension.
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12 October 2015

Covered moto

 Motorcycles with roofs like this one are now a common sight all over the city.

11 October 2015

Two ladies

Decorative architectural touches like these make many of Paris' buildings a visual delight.

Comments re Danielle

Thank you everyone for the incredible compliments and enquiries after recent post, "Paris Fashion Week" (click here for updates or scroll to October 2, 2016). 

Rather than posting your comments I've passed them on to Danielle, model / actress / now producer - who happens to be my DAUGHTER btw [for those of you who didn't know :)].

Danielle's company's breakout indie, Mothers and Daughters is due for release May 6, 2016 and stars Selma Blair, Mira Sorvino, Christina Ricci, Sharon Stone, Courteney Cox, Paul Wesley, Susan Sarandon w/real-life daughter Eva Amurri Martino and Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, and actress Ashanti Executive Producing her first movie....
Again, a heartfelt thanks to one/all - BPJ 

More info: 

- Looking back -

From publicity shoot w/Jon Bon Jovi; cast members include Dot Jones of TV series Glee
Below: images for DVD and Netflix

Danielle being directed on a film set

- From L.A. to Broadway: Cast of Brian Howie's runaway hit, "PIECES (of Ass!)" -
* Danielle James in fishnet stockings, bottom of photo *

Before hitting New York "PIECES" was playing to sold-out crowds at the legendary Roxy Theater on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood CA

Each actress wrote her own monologue. Well over 500 auditions were held before being narrowed down to a cast of 12 

Every week a different celebrity "center-piece" was featured, including: Nicole Ritchie, Carol Alt, Jenna Morasca, Brooke Burke, Rachel Hunter, more.... Review below

EPOCH TIMES (click to enlarge)
"A dozen beautiful women hold forth on the trials and tribulations of extreme beauty"

"Danielle James is hilarious as a Gallic-spouting French pastry dish whose sexy lingo is not quite in sync with the English subtitles projected onto video screens that bookend the stage."

"Danielle James was dazzling"

  ***** Clever, funny, original - Reviewer: petebmv - 
I went with my wife and in-laws this weekend and we found this show to be pure entertainment, with a dash of the unexpected thrown in. Dodger Stages is a fantastic venue right in the heart of the theater district. Cassie Pappas was extraordinary, and standout Danielle James stole the show. Bravo to one and all. - Reviews: The New York Times / Theater / Broadway



10 October 2015


A gigantic mural of Ali, whose funny, fake attention-grabbing headlines as he makes his rounds selling newspapers in Latin Quarter cafés has turned him into a local legend.

8 October 2015

Arty dog

An impressive sculpture of a French bulldog guards an entrance to luxury hotel Plaza Athénée, a favorite venue for end-of-fashion-week parties.

7 October 2015

Roses skirts

Skirts made completely out of roses decorate the window of a shoe shop on fashion hub rue Saint-Honoré.

6 October 2015

French art of tea

One of my favorite stops, especially on rainy days, is Mariage Frères. With over 600 varieties of teas, everything on their elegant menu, even the bread used for the finger sandwiches, has tea as an ingredient.

4 October 2015


Sunday morning is a good time to rummage through antique shops, this one of many on a hidden street behind the Village Saint Paul.

3 October 2015

Small faces

A cluster of faces by Gregos, a local artist whose self-portraits reflect his many moods on walls all over the city.

2 October 2015

1 October 2015

A shady street

Verdant trees line streets in non-touristy neighborhoods of Montmartre.