3 December 2020

A turkey in Turkey

 A week ago today marked Thanksgiving, a favorite American holiday that, in France, usually gets put on hold until the weekend, as ours does almost every year. But because of the weekend option there is often more than one Thanksgiving invitation over the four days spanning Thursday through Sunday.
This exquisite bird, weighing in at eight kilos and just out of the oven, was left to repose for about an hour before being carved so its juices could be redistributed. Ordered two weeks ahead from an organic farm, it had been brined overnight before being roasted, and reminded me of the Thanksgiving turkey with crackling skin we had in Istanbul a few years back, high on a terrace overlooking the Bosphorus with postcard views of the city skyline at sunset.
That was the first time I'd ever had brined turkey and it was a game changer. The guests were from all over the world, and while everyone was working their way through appetizers of Turkish mezze and delectable French hors d'oeuvres spread out on a terrace table outside, inside, traditional Thanksgiving side dishes and pies were being laid out buffet style, making it a truly international feast. - BPJ
Merci Tom Paris


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