5 December 2022

Mocha Monday

Morning coffee with Italian, American, and French touches. Can you spot them?

4 December 2022

Chez Victor


A glimpse into Victor Hugo's apartment on Place des Vosges, now a museum, his home with his family from 1832 until 1848 where he penned a large part of "Les Miserables."

 Sculpture by Auguste Rodin


 Maison de Victor Hugo
6 Place des Vosges 75004




2 December 2022

Vive la baguette

 From Le Parisien:
 "The French baguette is now a UNESCO World Heritage patrimoine."

29 November 2022

Travel Tuesday

Somewhere in the Cycladic Islands.

 (click to enlarge)


 Non-stop flights daily Paris - Athens


20 November 2022

On high

The highest point in Paris La Basilique du Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre overlooks the city below.

17 November 2022

New wine


- AOC Beaujolais-Villages -

 Today as every year this year's Beaujolais Nouveau takes a bow, which will explain the happy groupings outside (and inside) wine bars, cafés and even wine shops and some restaurants. These are young wines made from Gamay grapes, consumed almost immediately after their vendange. Best way to discover where: Take a pre-dinner evening stroll in almost any Paris arrondissement.




15 November 2022

12 November 2022

Cheese tease

A café cheeseboard of five classic French cheeses with toasts, butter and, to assure un bon transit, a simple mixed salad.


8 November 2022

Travel Tuesday


Looking back:

From incredible Puglia, Italy, "the heel of the boot." 


3 hours (or less) from Paris

Paris - Bari

Nonstop flights 2hr20

7 November 2022

Mocha Monday


A coffee tasting.
On this day:
- Jamaican Blue Mountain
- Haitian 
Malongo Atelier Barista
50 rue Saint-André des Arts 75006

5 November 2022

Sumptuous Saturday

Her designs were eccentric and uniquely glamorous. Think Mae West, Salvador Dalí, Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Les mondes surréalistes d’Elsa Schiaparelli

 Musée des Arts Décoratifs
 107 rue de Rivoli 75001

Until January 22, 2023




4 November 2022

Floral Friday

La Toussaint is marked by flowers, predominantly mums, which are sold for days after.


1 November 2022

Toussaint Tuesday

 Today France celebrates La Toussaint, a solemn holiday when those who departed are remembered.
La Toussaint: Day of the Dead / All Saints' Day 
1st November

31 October 2022


Though Halloween is not a French holiday it is celebrated with enthusiasm nonetheless.
 Above: a giant carved pumpkin keeps watch over the city from the top of the butte
- Happy Halloween 2022 -

29 October 2022

Tout en croûte


French bread the way French bread used to be made.
(click to enlarge) 

Du Pain et Des Idées
- 1875 - 
34 rue Yves Toudic 75010

Above: "pain des amis" - bread among friends

28 October 2022

Floral Friday

Flowers decorate an outdoor café-restaurant atop the butte on a late October afternoon.


26 October 2022

A winding road

Fall colors accent a Montmartre side street that leads to the last vineyard in Paris.


24 October 2022

17 October 2022

1 October 2022


The Musée Carnavalet making good use of its enchanting garden.
Restaurant Fabula
23 rue de Sévigné 75003
10 a.m.- 2 a.m. daily
Closed Monday

27 September 2022