20 July 2024

Sit-down Saturday


Feet up, an iced coffee, a good book.


At the fountain inside the gardens of the Palais-Royal

17 July 2024

Weepy Wednesday

In the small garden of Paris' oldest church rain streams down the face of a bust of Dora Maar by Pablo Picasso.
"The New York Times called her 'a muse of Picasso' and the 'principal model for many of his so-called weeping women portraits in the late 30s and early 40s.'" - Dora Maar: how Picasso's weeping woman had the last laugh The Guardian 11/15/2019  

16 July 2024

Table Tuesday

Two tables invitingly set for lunch in the passageway behind historical Le Procope.


15 July 2024

Moules Monday

Monday's plat du jour:

Moules de Bouchot (mussels grown on wooden poles in the sea) fresh from Brittany in a creamy Sauce au Bleu with what else... frites.

12 July 2024

Fève Friday

It's fèves and petits-pois season til the end of July.
Above: market supplies dwindle by mid-morning 
Below: shelling peas for fresh pea soup




8 July 2024

Museum Monday


A fascinating look at the history of Paris including its origins as Lutèce during the time of the Romans and reaching all the way back to prehistory, as told by the river Seine.
Archaeological Crypt of the île de la Cité
(Parvis Notre-Dame Cathedral/Place Jean-Paul II)


5 July 2024

Green Fairy Friday

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.
Above: at the counter of Montmartre café/bar Au Rêve
Dubbed "The Green Fairy" due to its supposed hallucinogenic effects and re-legalized in 2011, absinthe is often associated with artists,writers and as a preferred apéritif of Vincent Van Gogh.

2 July 2024

Table Tuesday

 A group of pigeons descend on a café terrace in search of crumbs left behind.


1 July 2024

Divine design

Though many of Paris' churches were destroyed during the French Revolution, many have survived.

 Above: inside l'Église Saint-Germain-des-Prés w/its elaborate pulpit