16 February 2019

A time for tajine

Rien de tel qu’un bon tajine pour se réchauffer....

 Paris' packed restaurants make it seem like *everyone* is always eating out, but like most Parisians, I prefer my own cuisine: you will note that cuisine in French means... kitchen. (Growing up in the U.S. I had an uncle who used to visit and, at the table, roll his eyes back while blotting his lips and tell my mother, in his French accent, "I love your kitchen!")

There is no getting around the maghrébine gastronomic influence in the capital, and on cold evenings there's nothing like a hearty tajine. Its cone entraps the steam and, with slow cooking on the lowest heat possible, succulent sauces are created. A perfect winter dish, tajine celebrates sweet, salty, and spices, its contrasting flavors are both satisfying and decadent at the same time. - BPJ

Above: sea bream w/garlic, sweet onions and eggplant melted into a sauce; skinless chicken breasts (I prefer with skin) w/leeks, dried apricots and almonds; salmon tajine w/green olives, artichoke, cilantro and preserved lemon; a portion of lamb tajine made w/garlic, toasted almonds, chick peas, cinnamon and dried figs infused w/fleur d'oranger atop couscous

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