11 January 2019

What were they thinking?

In case you hadn't heard January 2nd marked National Cream Puff Day.


It was a few days before Christmas and the end of a long splendid lunch. We were three, and decided to order "profiteroles for one" for dessert as we'd just gorged ourselves on foie gras, cassoulet and roasted duck. Sharing this bistro classic - usually three or four small puffs of choux pastry filled with whipped cream (or vanilla bean ice cream) and drizzled in melted dark chocolate - would be a great finale, we agreed, to such a filling meal.

But what arrived to our table resembled a slowly melting lopsided hatbox that made us wonder if Salvador Dali had taken over in the kitchen. It was so monstrous, so un-French, that diners at adjacent tables stood up to take photos with their cellphones. At first we thought there'd been a mistake but were told that that really was a single serving! After one taste our initial shock turned to awe and we ended up polishing off every last bite. - BPJ

Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie
34 rue Montmartre 75001

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