13 August 2018

As summer wanes

It's barely mid August and Paris is slowly returning to its old bustling self.

And while August is when most take their annual vacances, our summer has already seen 3 exquisite trips to 3 exquisite regions in June and July:

1) June, a few days chez friends as guests at their fantastic vacation home south of Brittany right on the beach overlooking Île de Ré with its white villages: there were market visits, terrace bbq's, biking, boating, windsurfing, seaside restaurants, sunset apéritifs - making it difficult to return to Paris

2) Late June, a week in Burgundy, a stunning region we love and where hubby would spend summers at his grandparents' growing up

3) In July, on the heels of France's World Cup win, it was off to meet family in the Aveyron-Aubrac, another region steeped in its own culture, cuisine, and an easy drive into Provence and Spain

And August? For me, the best time to stay and savor Paris.

All this week:
3 hours (or less) from Paris: Tasting Aubrac

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