6 August 2018

Day trip: La Piscine #2

Along with a small group of French journalists I recently had the unique experience of a behind-the-scenes exclusive look at the ongoing expansion work of La Piscine Museum, site of a former municipal swimming pool in an Art Deco building on the outskirts of Lille.

Above: artisans at work reminiscent of Gustave Caillebotte's painting Les Raboteurs at the Orsay Museum

Below: boxes of artworks yet to be unpacked; bases that will be used to display sculptures; 19th and 20th-century art fills back-room ateliers during construction works

(click to enlarge)

La Piscine Museum
23 rue de l'Espérance 59100 Roubaix
 Scheduled re-opening date: October 20, 2018

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[The museum restaurant / café is managed by Méert of Lille, famous luxury chocolate and pastry makers] 

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