30 January 2020

Paris - Venice: Carnevale 2020

 Despite flooding reports, the Carnival of Venice festivities, parties and masked balls, for now, are full on schedule.

February 8 - 25

 Years before I started this blog - and years before mass tourism transformed The Floating City into a different kind of carnivale - Venice was a beloved destination in northern Italy. Avoiding summer hordes, we'd go in spring or fall, usually after staying with family in Rome, and once, went as guests of an English friend who'd rented a crumbling palazzo on a side canal. As fragrant caffè brewed in the kitchen a volunteer would venture out for fresh cornetti from the pasticceria up a narrow street and around the corner, and by mid-morning we were off for a second round, this time on a piazza terrace.
If you've never experienced the lure and magic of Venezia, this year's Carnival is a great excuse to go. Not that you need one. - BPJ
 3 hours (or less) from Paris 
Direct flights daily to Marco Polo airport 
- Cancelled - 

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