26 July 2019

Some like it hot

Beat the heat in The City of Love and hole up à deux for a sizzling night (or two - why not?) at one of the capital's many air-conditioned hotels. Indoor swimming pool, cocktail bar and spa services a plus.

Above: afternoon room service


The heat is on. Again. But you won't hear that refrain on everyone's lips these days, "Il fait chaud!", coming from me. In comparison to summers I've known in Arizona, New York, the South of France (chez my French in-laws), Morocco and parts of (¡Ay, que calor!) Spain - and how about those five weeks in India? - Paris' brief canicules seem amusingly tame. It helps that our apartment, an airy artist's loft in always-slightly-cooler Montmartre, is in a well-insulated historic building that looks onto an interior courtyard of of shade trees - meaning there's little need for AC or even a fan.

A few tips for keeping your cool: stock up on bottled water and drink lots, take showers, avoid coffee, tea, any physical exertion and public transportation (use Uber or taxis: G7s have AC and an app; English option +331 41 27 66 99). Keep out of direct sun and, if possible, copy cats i.e. nap during hottest hours. Come evening, reward yourself with a cold drink. For quick relief, the city's many chocolate shops as well as larger movie theaters have great AC. Even quicker: dash into one of those supermarket chain stores - Champion, G20, Franprix... - so cold that sometimes the cashiers need to wear sweaters. - BPJ


Fans: ventilateurs
 Air conditioners: climatiseurs

Where to find them:
Darty, Castorama, Conforama, BHV, Bricorama, Mr. Bricolage, Leroy Merlin

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