3 July 2019

Café klatsch



Above: temperatures - and life - return to normal

"Kaffeeklatsch (German): an informal social gathering for coffee and conversation"


"In the world of the Parisian sidewalk café, where rudeness is no more remarkable than cracks in the pavement, Jean Francois, the waiter at La Palette on the rue de Seine in St-Germain, looms as a cultural high-water mark. 'He is the rudest waiter in all Paris,' says the Paris-based Barbara Pasquet James, editor-at-large for Bonjour Paris, the Internet Franco-zine. This is more than one person’s opinion. Jean Francois’ disdain for his customers, his capacity for inattention, and his penchant for brusqueness have been documented on web sites and limned in guidebooks: 'You must order quickly and without indecision, or he’ll ignore you until you’ve learned your lesson,' says Access Paris (HarperCollins Publishers)." - From "Café Klatsch" (2002) by Jack Smith, luxury lifestyle magazine Robb Report

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