23 July 2018

3 hours (or less) from Paris: Can you guess?

A Greek island village? Somewhere off the coast of Sicily?

Neither. It's Cadaqués Spain, Mediterranean fishing village of surrealist Salvador Dalí that I once called home, an hour drive into France.

 Below: nightfall w/view of bay and church; cat relaxes on friends' veranda

Recommended: fly/drive

Direct flight (1-hr 30 min) + car rental (1-hr 20 min drive to Cadaqués)
Direct flight (1-hr 45 min) + car rental (1-hr drive to Cadaqués)

Where to eat:

(means "to share" in Spanish - see video in link)
Riera de Sant Vicenç s/n 17488 Cadaqués

 We couldn't get enough of this gem launched by sous chefs of Ferran Adrià of mythic El Bulli (named "best restaurant on the planet" five times) after its closure.

- inventive cocktails / ultra tapas -

(click photos to enlarge)

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