23 July 2018

3 hours (or less) from Paris: Can you guess?

A Greek island village? Somewhere off the coast of Sicily?

Neither. It's Cadaqués Spain, Mediterranean fishing village of surrealist Salvador Dalí I once called home, just south of the French border.

 Below: nightfall with view of bay and church (click to enlarge); cat relaxing on friends' veranda

While ours was a quick in/out visit (driving in from the French countryside), "3 hours (or less) from Paris" fly/drive options are available. Most recommended:

Direct flights daily (1 1/2 hours) + car rental (1-hour drive to Cadaqués)

Where to eat:

(means "to share" in Spanish - see video in link)
Riera de Sant Vicenç s/n 17488 Cadaqués

Can't get enough of this gem launched by sous chefs of Ferran Adrià of mythic El Bulli (named "best restaurant on the planet" five times) after its closure.

- inventive cocktails / ultra tapas -

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