23 December 2023

Sightseeing Saturday

The region of Alsace in eastern France is sprinkled with enchanting villages, all within an easy drive from each other and right now, as it does every year, the magic of Christmas has taken over. And while the decorations alone are reason enough to abandon a comfortable couch and hop on a train (17 trains per day Paris - Colmar), its Christmas markets - with their unusual gifts, baked goods, local wines, regional foods and festivities - rival Europe's best, luring market-hoppers from all over the world. Adding to the charm are half-timbered houses, flowerpot bridges, lazy boat rides and narrow medieval streets, making a jaunt from Paris for even just two or three days exactly what Santa ordered. - BPJ



Must-visit towns / villages, some with Christmas markets still in full swing.
Most decorations will remain up until after the New Year:










Alsace: 3 hours (or less) from Paris
via TGV train / plane
car rental on arrival

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