11 December 2023

Stollen moments

Stollen, the traditional German Christmas cake that originated in Dresden in 1329 as a result of a baking contest, is now considered French in France as it became a specialty of Alsace, a region that once belonged to Germany. During the holidays it can be spotted in boulangeries and pâtisseries everywhere, as it is here, direct from Alsace and usually displayed on bakery countertops.
 When I was growing up, along with mouth-watering poppyseed and apple strudels, it was one of my mother's holiday specialties, covered in finely powdered sugar that resembled snow. It is sometimes called the French panettone, that cherished holiday import from Italy, also studded with candied fruits and nuts, and leftovers, if there are any, will show up on the breakfast table and at tea time for days. - BPJ


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