19 February 2021

Flashback Friday

Stari Most, the Old Bridge of Mostar in the Herzegovina region of Bosnia-Herzegovina.


Funny how an image can trigger a flood of memories. Years ago traveling from London with daughter Danielle and British writer and explorer Michael Alexander we'd gone to Trieste to visit Miramare, the beloved castle built by Austrian Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian, for an article Michael was working on. The next morning, headed into Croatia on our way to Dubrovnik where friends would be waiting, we decided to stop in Mostar for lunch, which was on the way. As we sat outside at a sunny café terrace table having a last espresso for the road Michael said, "Barbara, where the devil is that bridge they all talk about?"

It wasn't until we drove away and saw it (this view) from a distance - Danielle said, "Look! The bridge!" - did we realize we'd been sitting on it the entire time. - BPJ


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