6 September 2016

Crouching angel

A secret courtyard reveals a sculpture of an angel.

 In Loving Tribute
 - Brother In Arms -

 An angel found you and scooped you into his arms.
Father, husband, brother, uncle, brother-in-law, friend, gifted musician, woodworker, world traveler, raconteur.... You were amazing, and now even more so. My heart will hold all of those memories always, of good times growing up, and later in Europe. We will forever celebrate your Life (with that glass of Cointreau...?), your unique sense of humor and countless wise "Ralph-isms" as we try and live up to your mantra, "Don't let the party die!" Until we meet again my cherished beautiful Big Bro.


Thank you one/all for comments, condolences, flowers, cards. I will be getting back to everyone early next week. Yes Ralph was truly one of a kind. In gratitude, BPJ

photo: 12/2015

"Handsome. Kind eyes." Mandy L.
"Incredible guy." John B.
"Mean bass player!" Bob M.
"Won't forget him." Sean and Mary H.
"Generous. Great sense of irony, humor." Sebastian C.
"Deserves all happiness." Jesus G.
"A force of nature few understood." Katherine T.
"Wish I'd met him." Arnaud D.
"The Dude." Anonymous
"An amazing and interesting person whose time on earth was way too short." Lauren S./Tom P. 
"Wish we could've got to know each other better. RIP Cuz." Mike N.
"Sleep in Peace noble Prince." Taylor Family


Some of Ralph's favorite links:
Night Tripper Zu Zu Mamou / Dr. John
Thirty Days In The Hole / Steve Marriott 
Papa Don't Take No Mess / James Brown
Lady Blue / Leon Russell (R.I.P. 11/9/2016)

To Ralph:
"We dressed up and fought, then thought, make amends.
We were never holding back, worried that time would come to an end...
 But I thought in spite of dreams
You'd be sitting somewhere here with me."
Being Boring / Pet Shop Boys

Update 9/21
A candle placed before "Ralph's Angel" today.


 A Mass was said for Ralph at Notre Dame Cathedral. Thank you thank you to all who came or were there in spirit.

Update 10/20
 As some of you know Ralph entrusted to me and others close to him certain photos/docs to post online. Please check your email for details. If anyone has anything to supplement what we have please forward it to the address on the mailing list. If you're not on the list, you can contact me via WPA (Subject: R.I.P. Ralph). Thanks!

Update 10/31

- Just in time for Halloween - 

To the person who sent the photo from Ralph's FB,

*** THANK YOU ***

Update 12/28
By request I am creating a "Ralph page" of photos, updates, docs, etc. password accessible only. Please watch your inboxes for link starting in January and share with all your followers/connections!

Update 2017
Below: this is her, monitoring this blog since day one; was on Ralph's street so often was caught on google "street view" photos lol 

Click on photo to enlarge

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