11 November 2023


Dining at an old favorite in the Marais district.

 Above: duck in Moroccan brik pastry w/vegetables atop a sweet potato purée; foie gras de canard w/its confit d'oignons and glass of Sauternes
Se restaurer iterally means, "to restore yourself" - by eating. It is the origin of the concept "restaurant," a place where one goes to restore body and soul with food and drink. Today the synonym for "se restaurer" is manger, to eat.

This restaurant whose name translates to "spiral staircase" is an old favorite from back in the day when we lived in this lively quartier, and still comes through with no-fuss traditional French dishes that restore, and satisfy, with a contemporary twist. - BPJ


Le Colimaçon
44 rue Vieille-du-Temple 75004


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