28 October 2020

Smoke out

Chef steps outside for a quick clope before the lunch service.


Yes, the French still smoke. A lot. At least from an American point of view, but a lot less than before. Since 2007, smoking has been strictly prohibited inside restaurants, cafés and bars, any and all enclosed and covered public spaces such as supermarkets, boutiques, hospitals and clinics, schools, public transportation, airports and in work spaces and offices (sorry "Emily In Paris") unless a company sets aside an area exclusively for fumeurs.

 I was about to say that the stereotype sultry Frenchman of films noirs seated alone on a café terrasse--where smoking is allowed--quietly observing as he takes a drag is long passé, but astute habitués of this blog have pointed out the gentleman in the background behind Clotilde in my recent posting, “Messy French buns" (bottom photo). - BPJ

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