17 October 2020

A Thursday bike

This turquoise bicycle is parked in front of this shuttered window only on Thursdays.


 As we head into the weekend you might have noticed that I've tweaked up the blog, slightly, making some of the photos larger and changing / enlarging text for easier reading - a work in progress as there are almost 2000 posts. The "About" page has been edited, and I’ve stopped posting synopses of monthly newsletters in “Nouveautés” - now a space for selected announcements. While the original concept of a photo blog will remain intact (photos with brief captions), I hope to include more Paris-related commentary, perhaps book reviews, restaurant recommendations, interviews etc. - as I've done for magazines and newspapers.

Wishing all a splendid weekend as we prepare for a four-week (maybe longer, depending how it goes) couvre-feu that begins tonight in Paris, and other cities, between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. (specifics in French here), something that France has not seen since World War II, in an attempt to get this virus under control.

Stay well. Stay safe. Get a dog (dog walking allowed). - BPJ

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