30 October 2020

Monet's Giverny - closed

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The magnificent house and gardens of The Claude Monet-Giverny Foundation, owned by The Academy of Fine Arts, has had to close its doors due to government regulations relating to Covid-19.
E-tickets dated October 30 to November 1, 2020 will be refunded 
Next public opening: April 1, 2021
DĂ©jĂ -vu?
The new lockdown starting today will see more businesses remaining open than last March, as well as schools, parks gardens, forests and beaches, making one wonder how effective it will be.
Restaurants, cafĂ©s, bars, museums, monuments, cinĂ©mas and theaters/public entertainment and sports venues seem to be considered the main culprits, so they will be closed. Businesses deemed "non-essential" such as coiffures and boutiques selling clothing will also be closed but food shops, banks, hardware stores, dry cleaning and computer, car and motorcycle repair shops and of course tabacs will stay open. 
More comprehensive list (in French) here.
- Shopping for food
- Going to or returning home from work
- Going to a health professional or pharmacy
- Compelling family reasons
- Assisting vulnerable or disabled persons
- Appearing for a judicial or administrative summons
 - Moving house (w/proof from the moving company)
- Jogging or exercise: one hour outside the home and within one kilometer from residence (filled-in government attestation w/I.D. required) - BPJ

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