19 May 2020

Pots and pandemic

With travel restrictions still in place one way we've been experiencing the world (besides news, films, zooming...) is through food. Well before I spent three months in Tokyo, with stops in South Korea and Thailand, Asian cuisines were high on my list. The secret to whipping up authentic tasty dishes is having the right ingredients at hand and happily, Paris has no shortage of small (and large) Asian supermarkets. But many ingredients - ginger, coconut milk, soy sauce, green onions, hot pepper flakes, garlic, curry paste, basmati - can be found anywhere and don't require a trip to Chinatown. All of the recipes in today's post use skinless chicken breasts (look for poitrines de poulet), best from local butcher shops. - BPJ

Above: a Japanese hot pot w/chicken slices, green onion, sweet potato

Below: Thai coconut chicken aubergine curry w/brown rice; spicy Korean garlic chicken w/basmati


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