8 October 2018

A pancake in Paris

Sometimes the best things in life arrive totally unplanned.

I've never been a great fan of pancakes, the fat American cousin of the French crêpe. In university in the U.S. I’d make batches of crêpes for friends, something I learned at home, experimenting with different flours (whole wheat, corn...) and batters (pumpkin, herbs, chocolate, seeds...) and today, I can almost make them with my eyes closed. Pancakes were too thick. Too stodgy. In restaurants I'd avoid them and go for the French toast or waffles instead.

So when I came across a place in Paris called Pancake Sisters on the internet and mentioned it to an American friend, out of curiosity we decided to give it a try.

But here's what happened: As we stood outside well after what was posted as their opening time waiting for the doors to open, a waiter stuck his head out and with a dismissive, "Tant pis, you'll just have to wait!” he got us to turn our attention to the place next door - where people were streaming in, and it was filling up fast.

And that's how I discovered Holybelly, a brunch restaurant that had been on my might-try list for awhile. It was right there. But as its sister Hardware Socièté, another Melbourne Australian wonder was already in my neighborhood, it was never a priority. It is now. - BPJ

5 rue Lucien Sampaix 75010

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