30 March 2023

A grand cru


In France, wine restaurants and, as a rule, wine bars are the place to head for reliably good food and wine. Quite simply, wine and food go together. Red wines especially are not to be downed without something to eat, even if it's just a few olives, sliced saucisson or peanuts. When visiting someone's home, the guest is not asked, "A glass of red or white?" as in London where a glass is poured as a beverage on its own, but instead a specific selection of "accepted" apéritifs drinks from champagne to fruit juice will be on offer.
Red wines from Burgundy are classified based on their growth, or cru, and each of the many varieties has been legally verified as being from the region. - BPJ 
Above: a simple yet excellent menu du jour at a wine restaurant in the 11th arrondissement 
Aux Bons Crus
54 rue Godefroy Cavaignac 75011

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