17 March 2020

Sole man #3

Christian Louboutin - L'Exhibition-ist

Ends July 26, 2020


Love In The Time Of Corona

Now that France's lockdown begins today at noon (Parisiens woke up to a memo on our cellphones from the French Gov't.), domestic life won't be quite the same. As dear friends in the U.K. half-jokingly wrote, "Divorce will surely follow." While for others, there will be more babies. I recall hearing how, when light bulbs were introduced in India, the birth rate suddenly plummeted.

Being holed up with one's ti chéri needn't be that different from being snowed in together in a mountain cabin or entwined in an isolated country farmhouse, which we happily chose to do until not that long ago, though the key word here I suppose is, "chose." So as everyone around the world hunkers down - we're all set with masks, gel/soaps, firewood, water, coffee, tea, good food and drink, books, music, films, computers, candles, bubble bath and other essentials - we are grateful for the many loving people in our lives, and for each other, as well as for skype, zoom, whatsapp.... Already, the virus is making us realize how connected and vulnerable we are in our humanity. - BPJ

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