7 June 2017

California dreamin'

"... So imagine being contacted by insatiable foodie friends from California, with whom you’ve shared many a stellar meal, announcing that they are returning to Paris (...) for five days of “extreme fooding” (...) and they’d love it if you (and in my case, French hubby as well) would join them?" 
Above: Asiago seaweed gougères at VERJUS; crunchy smoked fish cream-filled starter at DAVID TOUTAIN; obscene soufflés at Ducasse's CHAMPEAUX; a pre-dessert "surprise" at VERJUS...

See Nouveautés for more in-depth info, articles, events, recipes, more.... 
Thanks to one / all for your unwavering support as well as behind-the-scenes comments and input. Enjoy! - BPJ

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  1. An Anonymous commenter writes, "Is it so wrong to want sex with that soufflé?"