2 October 2016

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- A very special thanks to (usually blonde) Danielle -
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(film Mothers and Daughters released Mother's Day 2016)

"Sharon Stone and Selma Blair bring the glamour at the Hollywood premiere of their new movie Mothers And Daughters"
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*** Mothers and Daughters soars on Netflix! ***

After remaining #1 on iTunes and Amazon for ALL worldwide movies for weeks after its initial pre-summer release, daughter Danielle's company's debut film - modest budget indie Mothers and Daughters - was picked up by Netflix last month and sales have been soaring!

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- See what actress Sharon Stone at red carpet Premiere in West Hollywood said here (AP/Associated Press - Production note: each time this clip reaches over 1M views it gets re-posted)

*** Félicitations / Congratulations Danielle & Team ***

July 21, 2016
Below, Oscar-winning actress MIRA SORVINO and producer DANIELLE JAMES arrive early at MILAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL screening of Mothers and Daughters

Paris-raised model-actress-now-producer DANIELLE JAMES with MIRA SORVINO  
** Winner ** 

Best Supporting Actress 2016 

Mothers and Daughters
Below left: PAUL DUDDRIDGE, Director

*** Plus a very special thank you to the gorgeous and talented ASHANTI ***
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Ashanti who plays "Kelly" (and is an executive producer on the film) shares her Mothers and Daughters story at West Hollywood Premiere here

- Watch Mothers and Daughters trailer here -



Producer DANIELLE JAMES arrives in Europe (1st stopoff: Istanbul) to promote her film, Mothers and Daughters, now available as U.S. domestic and international in-flight entertainment.


Post Mother's Day 2017 - The figures are in:
For the 2nd Mother's Day in a row Mothers and Daughters sales / rentals "through the roof," exceeding expectations!
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Deadline Hollywood:
Director Paul Duddridge with producer Danielle James
release first trailer of Together, a "heart-tugging story centered on the issue of elderly abuse."
Two of England's best-loved actors, Peter Bowles and Sylvia Syms, star.
Filmed in London.


Trending in media and talk TV: "With Harvey Weinstein's fall from grace and more Hollywood predators being 'outed' there is no better time than now for female producers and directors."



Media gear up for upcoming release of Paul Duddridge-directed Danielle James-produced film, Together starring movie icons Sylvia Syms and Peter Bowles.


Together filmed in London and starring Sylvia Syms and Peter Bowles slated for release in November!

[9/30/2016: Beloved U.S. actors Shirley Jones and Robert Wagner had originally been announced for the lead roles but production was switched to address the U.K. health care system]


Some of Danielle's producer credits on IMDb.com.


Christmas present:
Since initiating and producing theater in Paris in both French and English when she was just 17, raising all financing, finding incredible talent, more - to critical acclaim - Danielle has been called a "born producer." Relocating from Paris to New York, then Los Angeles** she found herself working with some of Hollywood's biggest names before deciding to launch her own projects.
Congratulations again Danielle. Proud beyond words.

[Active in a variety of charities Danielle has been a Board Advisor to the Black Card Circle Foundation since 2008]

**Winner: IMTA Young Talent of the Year Award, the competition that kick-started careers for Ashton Kutcher, Katie Holmes and Elija Wood


More great Mothers and Daughters news in this month's newsletter
[Unexpected gift? Looks like M&D is about to get yet another wind since its 5/2016 release and brought to the attention of millions more :)]
There's no such thing as bad publicity.
Phineas T. Barnum
The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.
Oscar Wilde
All success begins in scandal.
Salvador Dali


Great news: once again Mothers And Daughters hit record sales / rentals over Mother's Day Weekend!

- A huge congratulations (again) to all involved, with an extra special thanks to Amy - 

Mothers and Daughters available worlwide is cited as an "evergreen film" and joins other Mother's Day annual classic films


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