3 October 2016

Paris Fashion Week / with updates

Fashion Week ends October 5, 2016. Click here for remaining schedule. 

- A very special thanks to (usually blonde) Danielle -
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Update 10/29/2016

"Mothers and Daughters" soars on Netflix!

After remaining #1 on iTunes and Amazon for ALL worldwide movies for weeks after its initial pre-summer release, daughter Danielle's company's debut film - modest budget indie "Mothers and Daughters" - was picked up by Netflix last month and sales have been soaring!

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- See what actress Sharon Stone at red carpet Premiere in West Hollywood said here (AP/Associated Press)

*** Félicitations / Congratulations Danielle & Team! ***

July 21, 2016
Below, Oscar-winning actress MIRA SORVINO and producer DANIELLE JAMES arrive early at MILAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL screening of James' "Mothers and Daughters" 

Paris-raised model-actress-now-producer DANIELLE JAMES w/MIRA SORVINO ***winner*** Best Supporting Actress 2016 for  
"Mothers and Daughters" - far left, British director PAUL DUDDRIDGE

*** And a very special thank you to the beautiful talented ASHANTI ***
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Ashanti who plays "Kelly" and is an executive producer on the film shares her "Mothers and Daughters" story at West Hollywood Premiere here

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Update 12/2016

Producer DANIELLE JAMES arrives in Europe to promote her film, "Mothers and Daughters" now also available as U.S. domestic and international in-flight entertainment.

"Great job Danielle! Saw your film on a flight to Chicago and loved it. Keep it up and you'll give Harvey Weinstein a run for his money!" P. L., Los Angeles CA (UTA)


Update 7/1/2017

Post Mother's Day 2017 - The figures are in:
For the 2nd Mother's Day in a row "Mothers and Daughters" sales / rentals "through the roof," exceeding expectations!
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